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Power Animals and Their Messages


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From ancient times the people of Mother Earth have sought visions and messages from the Great Spirit. In the beginning, the Creator communicated with us through our interaction with nature. All of nature is connected at an unseen level. The  animals, plants, and rocks all had lessons to teach us and messages to share. The messages  helped us survive and provided us with direction, protection, compassion, and healing.

The messages existed in all of Nature but were most predominant in the animal clan. We received the messages and learned the lessons of the animals by studying them and their environment. The animals message is the nature of the animal itself. For example, the message of eagle is about freedom, courage, focus, high ideals, vision, power and spirit. Time to take action, be direct, move forward. It is a symbol of the Creator and a positive sign for those on the spiritual path. 

Animals have certain qualities and behavior that you will do well to adopt. Animals constantly teach you how you should behave or what you should do to succeed in your physical world. Another example is, if you are thinking of quitting a project, or letting go of a business venture and you are suddenly invaded by ant, the message is to hang in there. Consider putting more energy into your work. Consult with others for support and new ideas. It is time for team strategy and cooperation. Be patient and don’t give up.

The animals that you are most often drawn to, or fear the most also have something to teach you. Many times animals enter your life to help you overcome difficult transitions. Animals can help you learn what qualities you are most lacking. You need to listen and pay attention to the message of each animal.

If you have a difficult time with self-knowledge, animals can tell you a great deal about yourself. The animals represent the sub-conscious mind. The animals strength and character also reflects human characteristics. First, learn the nature of the animal and then look at what part of your nature is most like that of the animal. The animals that you are attracted to, see in dreams, have encounters with, or collect as stuffed toys, pictures, and figurines can all give you very important information about yourself. Do you like to visit the Zoo, or wear animal tee shirts?

When a particular animal appears in your life you can determine what the underlying message is. Become aware of the repeated appearance of some animals. Synchronistic occurrences teach you to pay attention to the hidden messages in everyday experiences. Become aware of repeated patterns or themes. Each animal has certain medicine powers to teach and knowledge to share. Each animal has its own method of over- coming the many challenges it has met in order to survive.  We have always had an alliance with the animal clan. If your connection is weak or has been ignored in the past, it is time to renew your ancient connection with your oldest teacher, the animals.

Earth wisdom comes through many sources, in the Book of Job, we read (12:7-8):

"Ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish of the sea inform you".

There are many methods of connecting and communicating with Spirit. If you listen and are receptive to its voice, Spirit will reveal its messages through the animals and nature. Connecting with a power animal establishes a psychic link which helps you communicate in non-verbal terms. You can receive additional information by observing the animals natural characteristics and their environment. Pay attention and you will receive practical, healing and helpful messages.

The Great Spirit speaks to us constantly through Nature on many levels. You can learn to predict future experiences by observing Nature and it varied expressions. In order to read signs and symbols you must study your environment and the animals. Get familiar with the birds, insects, animals, colors, odors, sounds and shapes of your environment. Is there something in particular that stands out to you? If you are drawn to it, you may be sure that it has a message for you. Observe your feelings and behavior in specific areas. Be alert to changes and mood shifts. In order to understand the messages and their significance, pay attention. Once you are able to interpret the messages , you will be able to prepare for future experiences.

Discover your Power Animal by paying attention to the information you receive through dreams and close encounters with a particular animal. What is their significance and what is the important message ? Are the messages about survival issues or do they represent something that you are lacking? Examine the animals messages closely for self-empowerment, guidance and healing. Please note, an animal can be a mammal, bird, fish, insect or reptile. Look for your power animal, their qualities and messages, listed below.


Click on Name of Animal for Information and Message

Armadillo Armadillo

Badger Badger

Bear Bear

Beaver Beaver

Big Horn Sheep Bighorn Sheep 

Bobcat Bobcat

Buffalo Buffalo

Butterfly Butterfly

Cheetah Cheetah (tba)



Crow Crow

Deer Deer

Dingo Dingo

Dolphin Dolphin

Dove Dove

Dragonfly Dragonfly

Elephant Elephant

Eagle Eagle

Elk Elk (tba)

Fox Fox

Gila Monster Gila Monster

Giraffe Giraffe

Groundhog Groundhog

Hawk Hawk

Hedgehog Hedgehog

Horse Horse

Hummingbird Hummingbird

Rabbit Jackrabbit

Jaguar Jaguar

Kangaroo Kangaroo

Koala Koala

Leopard Leopard (tba)

Lion Lion

Monkey Monkey

Mouse Mouse

Owl Owl

Parrot Parrot

Panther Panther

Porcupine Porcupine

Prarie Dog Prairie Dog

Raccoon Raccoon

Rattlesnake Rattlesnake

Otter River Otter

Roadrunner Roadrunner

Skunk Skunk

Snow Leopard Snow Leopard

Squirrel Squirrel

Tiger Tiger

Turkey Turkey

Turtle Turtle

Wolf Wolf

Wolverine Wolverine


To Connect to the Animals:
Power Animal Oils
Eagle Hawk Cougar
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Snow Leopard's Message and Medicine

Gracefulness / Focus / Silence /  Strength / Power/ Independence

Snow Leopard lives in remote areas of Asia's Himalayan Mountains. This beautiful cat is well adapted to mountain life. Snow Leopard has a round head, very broad paws and a long round tail. The cushions of its paws are covered with hair which prevents the animal from sinking into the snow. The thick coat of this animal is smoky-gray, covered with ringed spots of black on brown. Snow leopard makes its den in crevices and rocky caverns. This elusive animal is extremely rare. It is a solitary creature and only pairs with another of its kind during the breeding season. The female gives birth to one to four young in the spring. Snow Leopards prey includes wild boars, wild sheep, hares, marmots, mice, deer and gazelles. This animal is most active in the early morning and late afternoon. 

Snow Leopard’s message is the power of silence. Snow Leopard knows the power of silence,  mindfulness and paying attention. It teaches us to be silent, alert and ready when opportunity presents itself. If you have Snow Leopard as a power animal use the power of silence to your advantage. Do not talk too much about future goals and objectives until you have achieved them. Snow Leopard knows how to make use of every ounce of energy. You have more than enough energy to effectively meet your goals and usually always respond well under pressure. However, try not to over commit yourself. Pursue your work with all of your energy but, also take time to rest and play. When you do go out on a limb make sure that you land on your Snow Leopard’s strong, broad feet.  This will prevent you from sinking into more obligations and commitments.

If Snow Leopard is your totem , you are a fearless leader. You are learning to use power wisely and effectively. Clairvoyance is also a natural gift.  Use it to get better acquainted with your shadow self. Trust in your intuition and don’t be afraid to stalk your dreams. Use caution when out of your territory. At times it is better to blend into your surroundings rather than reveal your presence or motives. Winter is your season. Do not allow seasonal changes to interfere with major decisions year round. [back]


 Squirrel's Message and Medicine

Preparation / Careful Planning / Adaptability / Conservation

Squirrel is a member of the rodent family. There are two main kinds of squirrels, the red and the gray. The gray squirrel is the most common and found in the cities, while the red squirrel is found in the forests and woods. There is also a black squirrel which is an aggressive strain of the gray squirrel. There are also flying squirrels which do not really fly. The skin of the flying squirrel stretches enabling it to glide from tree to tree. Squirrel has a lot of nervous energy but is sociable and loves to chatter and scold when strangers approach. Squirrel spends a lot of time gathering and storing food which it locates later because of its keen sense of smell.

Squirrel’s message teaches us to plan ahead and prepare for the future. Squirrel tells us to save for a rainy day. Don’t use up all of your resources. We must put something away to help us get through the bad times. Prepare also for seasonal changes. In periods of plenty save a little something for future use. However, if you have been hoarding things, get ready to release and let go. Take inventory! Donate your time, energy and resources to a worthy cause. Phone a charitable organization and share your abundance with others. Open a savings account. Test your discipline and control. If you are spending too much money, find out where it is going? It may also be a good opportunity to temporary withdraw from the world, count your blessings and wait for better times. [back]



Cougar's Message and Medicine

Power/ Swiftness / Balance/ Planning / Patience/ Cunning.

Cougar is known by many names: puma, panther, mountain lion, and catamount. Cougar is the second largest cat in the western hemisphere. It is very fast and powerful. It can leap over a distance of over 40 feet. It uses its bite and claws to bring down its prey. The deer is the cougar's favorite prey and when it attacks, it does not hesitate.  Cougar is an independent and fierce predator. It is usually lean and strong.  It is tawny of color with a long tail that helps it maintain balance.

Cougar teaches us to respect the boundaries of others . Do not waste energy . Think before you act. Time for solitude. Stay on tract. Keep focused on your goals. Take a leadership or communication class. Dare to be different. Share with others but do not allow them too become to dependent on you. Visit the zoo. Practice walking like cougar. Relax completely and stretch whenever possible. Walk to the store . Be fully alive in the moment. Study your environment.  Use all of your senses and trust them. Be firm but playful. Pay attention to what your physical body is telling you. [back]



Deer's Message and Medicine

Gentleness / Camouflage / Grace / Alertness

The white tailed deer is the most common in the United States. Each species has its own special qualities and characteristics. Deer is number one on the menu of many predators. An outstanding feature of the White tailed deer is the antlers the male develops. The antlers are solid bone which are shed every year. Each year the antlers grow bigger and add points. The antlers that are shed yearly are eaten by deer and rodents who gnaw on them for calcium.  Deer has given its life to help others survive.

Female deer gives birth to one to two young a year. The color of fawns protect and hides them from predators. The message of Deer is to use less force. It is not the right time to confront the enemy. Know when to walk away. Be alert to danger. Pay attention and look before you leap. Time for compassion and forgiveness. Learn to trust. Cultivate new friends and ideas. Try something new . Don’t be afraid to cry. Nurture yourself and take time to heal. Walk more or increase activity . Spend more time outdoors. Dance and be joyful. Cultivate your inner knowing. Get a massage or try an alternative healing session. Try meditation . Look deep within your nature and root out major fears. [back]



Buffalo’s Message and Medicine 

Endurance, Survival / Strength / Protection /  Unity / Abundance  Give-a-Way / Sharing 

The bison or American Buffalo is a large mammal weighing well over a ton. It has a massive curly head, humped shoulders and shaggy hair. This animal can be unpredictable and dangerous. It is strong and a symbol of abundance to the Native American. At one time the buffalo thrived in a land of plenty but was  reduced in number by greed and ignorance. The color of the buffalo is dark brown. The white buffalo is of spiritual significance to the Lakota. 

Buffalo's message is to give thanks. Give something back to the community. Count your blessings.  Visit the sick. Get involved with life. Recognize the Great Spirit in all things. Trust and have faith. Do not waste time, energy or the abundance of nature. Plant a tree, adopt a pet or provide money for their support. Clean out your closet and the garage. Let go of things that you no longer use. Do a give-a- way of cornmeal or sage.  Make tobacco ties or do a small sacrifice for all your relations. Your relations are those that walk on two legs, and those that fly, swim and crawl. Remain grounded and centered. Give up old attitudes that no longer serve your highest good. [back]



Crow’s Message and Medicine 

Curiosity / Intelligence / Mimicking / Seeing / Communication

Crow is a very intelligent bird. Its feathers are black and shiny. Crow is a member of the songbird family. Crow is omnivorous and can eat just about anything. They will wait for an opportunity to steal its food instead of hunting for it. Crows work together to warn off predators. If a hawk or owl shows up in crows territory, crows will join forces to drive it away. Crows know that owl is looking for a meal and will return at night when crow can't defend itself. Crow makes great sentinels. Their nest are build high up in trees so that it can watch what is going on around them.

Crow is master of change and movement; mystery and illusion. Crow is fearless and is guardian of things hidden and sacred. Crow is the interpreter of the unknown . There is a trickster quality about crow. Crow knows when to reveal his presence and when to stay hidden. When crow enters your life it is time to interpret signs, symbols, omens and dreams. Make peace with your shadow self. Crow is attracted to bright shiny objects. Remember all that glitters is not gold. Do not take what is not yours but always be prepared to take advantage of hidden opportunities. Practice shape shifting. Take a class in Shamanism or Clairvoyance. Trust your intuition. Time for introspection. [back]



Butterfly’s Message and Medicine  

Transformation / Change / New Beginnings/ Rebirth

Butterfly is a flying insect usually having striking colors and beautiful patterns on their wings. Butterfly has four wings and six legs. Butterfly develops through a process called metamorphosis, a Greek word meaning transformation or change of shape. The four stages of butterfly are egg, larvae, pupa and adult (butterfly). The natural enemies of butterfly and their stages are ants, beetles, birds, flies, lizards, frogs, spiders and praying mantises.

 Butterfly represents the cycles of life, movement and change. Life’s passages, the four seasons and the various phases of the sun and moon , all demonstrate the necessity of change and transformation. Butterfly has a short life span. Their message teaches us how to live each minute of life to the fullest. Butterfly prepares us for change and progress. When your life becomes stagnate and you are unable to move forward , evolution enters the picture and gives you the necessary " shove" you need to initiate change and progress. Fear and discomfort are the major reasons for change. Dissatisfaction with life, work,  relationships and crisis, force you to make changes and take risk. If you listen to Butterfly’s message,  you can prepare for change before it is forced upon you. All endings offer new beginnings.  [back]



Turtle’s Message and Medicine 

Mother Earth / Endurance / Grounding / Protection / Earth Wisdom 

Turtle is one of the oldest reptiles living. Turtles are distinguished from tortoises by their love of water. Turtles live in or near the water. Tortoises are land-bound. The hard shell of the turtle is part of its body. The turtles shell is actually the backbone and ribs of the turtle. As turtle grows so does its shell. When danger approaches most turtles can pull their head and feet into their shells for protection. Turtles eat insects, fish, lizards, plants and small mammals when it can acquire them.  Turtle leaves the water to lay its eggs which are usually buried. This gives turtle a strong link between water and land.

Turtle has a slow metabolism.  When Turtle enters your life its message is to slow down and take it easy. Swiftness is not always the solution. Move slowly toward your goals and objectives. Take time to reconnect with Mother Earth. If you are feeling spaced out try meditation , or spend some quiet time outdoors. Allow the healing energy of Mother Earth to comfort , nurture and support you. Spend a little time basking in the sun. Be practical in all matters and don’t take risk. Now is not the time to keep up with the Jones or be too competitive. Trust in your intuition. Turtle also represents Goddess energy. What phase of life are you now in? Do you feel more like the Goddess or Crone ? Get in touch with your feelings but, remain grounded and strong. Like turtle, you too have a protective shield, called an aura. [back]



Owl’s Message and Medicine  

Silent Movement / Mystery / Secrets / Wisdom / Clairvoyance

Owl is a creature of the night and darkness. There are over 100 species of owls. Rodents are the primary food of owls. An owl will usually swallow its prey whole , head first. Bones, teeth, fur and claws which are indigestible are regurgitated in the form of pellets. Owl has excellent eyesight and can detect subtle movements of its prey easily. Its hearing is as keen as its eyesight. Owls cannot move their eyes but their neck is flexible and gives them a wide range of peripheral vision. It is linked with the unseen and unhidden world of Spirit. Owl represents your sub-conscious and the occult (that which is hidden). Owl is also associated with the Moon and view superstition. Some Native Americans refer to owl as Night Eagle. Others Owl with suspicion and fear. Owl is a beneficial influence for people who are attuned with the Goddess, or other Earth related religions.

If you have Owl for a power animal, it’s message is to pay attention to your dreams  and feelings. Question your fears and act on your intuition. Focus on our intentions and move swiftly toward your goals and objectives. Be silent and conserve your energy until you are ready to act with undivided attention. If you are experiencing problems and uncertainty, take some time out to confront your fears and confusion. Invoke Owl to help with discernment and self-knowledge. Do not fear the dark or unknown. Explore your inner world with confidence. Work on developing Clairvoyance. Use Ritual and the Moon’s influence to generate power and make positive changes. Take time to get acquainted with your shadow-self. [back]



Bear’s Message and Medicine  

Strength / Introspection / Stamina / Renewal / Healing, Dreaming

Bear is the largest of carnivores but it is also omnivorous, eating fruits, plants, nuts and meat. There are many species of bear. The most common is the black bear. However not all back bears are black. They can be back, brown or cinnamon colored. The Alaska brown bear is the largest of bears . The grizzly is a relative of the brown bear and is known for its aggressiveness and temper. Bear is also related to the raccoon.

The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection. The bear represent the west side of the Medicine Wheel. The West is the place of intuition, transformation, inner-knowing, shamanic journeying, dreams and visions. Bear teaches you to go within to solve problems and promote healing. Seek knowledge and wisdom through meditation and dreams. Go within your Winter Cave (subconscious mind) for renewal and the resources necessary for survival and healing. If you have Bear medicine, remember to slow down in Winter. Keep a slower pace during this season so you can contemplate the past year and prepare for the year to come. Study herbs and explore quiet places in Nature for balance and healing. Rest, but try not to hibernate all year long. Spring will provide you with new ideas and opportunities. Plan and prepare for next year, but don’t forget to live fully in the moment in the present moment. [back]



Badger's Message and Medicine 

Aggressive / Courageous / Grounding / Perseverance / Keeper of Stories / Keeper of Roots

Badger is an aggressive nocturnal animal. It is active in the day and night. It is a member of the weasel family. Badger makes its home in an underground complex of burrows, called, " earth's" . Living under the earth allows Badger to see all of the healing roots of Mother Earth . He has much knowledge of the various roots and their use and for this reason, Badger is called, Medicine Chief and Keeper of Roots. Badger recognizes that some illnesses require a more aggressive approach to healing than conventional methods. Many medicine people have Badger Medicine.

Badger is an anti-social animal , it does not communicate well with others. Badger may not be able to communicate or relate directly , however, Badger’s jaws are very strong and symbolically represent the powerful expression of stories. Stories are the symbolic means of communicating or relating to others. Badger is Keeper of Stories.

Badger is a not a party animal . If you have Badger medicine it is time to get serious about life. Stand up for your rights. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. Defend yourself and what is yours. Take a stand on important issues. Be willing to let go of ignorance . Do not put up with controlling individuals or situations . Now is not the time to close your eyes and look the other way. Face your adversaries and they will lose their power over you. Avoid communicating when you are in a bad mood or do not have anything good to say. Try writing as a means of self-expression. Take a class on herbs.

Badger’s Medicine is the antidote to passivity and victimization. Stop feeling helpless and fearful . Assume self-responsibility for your choices and you will no longer be a victim. Use Badger’s powerful claws to dig deeply beneath the surface of your problems. If you are ill and conventional medicine is not healing you , try an holistic approach. Look into alternative methods of healing and don’t overlook a Psychic Reading, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga,  Shamanism, Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, etc. [back]



Elephant's Message and Medicine

Strength / Patience / Ancient Wisdom / Wise Woman /  Endurance

Elephants are the largest living land mammals in the world and are found in Africa and Asia. They have a large head, big ears, thick legs, and padded feet, with hoof like nails. The upper lip of this animal and its nose forms a flexible trunk which it uses to pick up food, draw water, and reach limbs high up in trees. The thick, loose skin of the elephant is gray in color and is nearly hairless. The elephant has a rather slender tail that ends in a tuft of hair. The animal flaps its large ears to cool off on hot, dry, tropic days. The long trunk is used to spray itself with water and dust. It’s large upper incisor teeth, called tusk, are used to dig up roots and tubers. The elephants tusk is much sought after for its value as ivory. Elephants are very powerful and they are able to lift large objects with their trunks. Their trunk can produce a   variety of sounds including aloud trumpeting noise it makes as a means of communication. The mood of the elephant can be communicated by noting the position of its ears and trunk. The eyes of the elephant are weak, but its sense of smell is strong. 

Family herds are led by an elderly female known as a matriarch. Matriarch herds consist of her sisters, female cousins and their offspring. Most elephants are peaceful and they are affectionate to each other. The diet of the elephant consist of fruits, leaves, grasses and shoots. They consume hundreds of pounds of food in a day and drink up to 50 gallons of water. If the elephant is your power animal you have a great sense of smell. You should look into aromatherapy, incense and oils . Take a class in herbs and roots. Visiting an elder can be a source of healing and connect you to ancient wisdom. You are protective toward those you love and you are respectful and patient with others. You are confident, strong and wise. You are a leader and a very good counselor. You are trustworthy and kind. [back]





Wolf is a carnivore and lives in many areas such as, thickets, holes, and caves , called dens. Gray wolves, also known as Timber Wolves can be found in Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska and Russia. This wolf can also be found in the Northern United States.  The diet of wolves consists of vulnerable animals, such as, weak, sick, young or old prey. Depending on wolfs location its prey is white-tailed deer, moose, beaver, hare and other small mammals. Wolf requires at least 5 lbs of meat a day to survive. However wolf does not eat everyday. There are plenty of lean times before a feast of plenty. Wolf is an intelligent social animal with extremely keen senses. Its ability to survive depends on the total cooperation of the pack. 

Wolf’s behavior is established upon a hierarchical structure. There is a definite order of rank. The leader of the pack is called the Alpha male and his mate is called the Alpha female.  Each wolf knows it place and responsibilities. Wolf has a complex method of communicating which involves body language and vocal skills . If you have a problem in expressing your thoughts, needs or ideas to others, take time to study wolf. Wolf’s message will teach you how to enhance your verbal communication skills with the appropriate body language.

Wolf’s medicine will help you gain your objectives through cooperative endeavors. Wolf’s message is the power to teach and share information. If Wolf has entered your life it is time to share knowledge by teaching, writing, and lecturing. Now is not the time to push ahead on your own. If you are experiencing family problems or conflict at work, try meeting with the whole "pack" to resolve difficulties.  [back]



Fox's Message and Medicine

Cunning / Camouflage / Slyness / Humor / Shape shifting

Fox belongs to the canine family and is a nocturnal animal . Fox has long ears, long thin legs and a long bushy tail. It’s fur comes in a variety of shades which help fox remain camouflaged and virtually unseen. The ability to blend into its surroundings, move silently and unnoticed , is fox’s medicine. There are many species of foxes living all over Mother Earth but, we are most familiar with the red variety . Fox’s hearing and smelling abilities are its most acute senses. Fox is a survivor and a graceful hunter. Fox has a clever and unusual hunting style. When fox hunts, it never moves directly towards its prey. In fact, fox uses various antics to show non-interest . Fox leaps, plays , rolls and chases itself in the guise of appearing nonchalant. When its non-threatening behavior is lest expected, fox leaps and captures its unsuspecting prey. 

Fox’s message and medicine is to playfully pursue your goals and objectives. Learn the art of camouflage to gain information from others undetected. Practice shape shifting to change your appearance or blend into the scenery. Take a dance class . Learn the Fox Trot to improve agility and increase stamina . Prior to dealing with possible difficult people give them the "sniff" test first. If they do not "smell" right avoid them. To get what you want out of life use humor and laughter.  [back]



Bobcat's Message and Medicine

Silence / Keeper of Ancient Secrets / Keen Senses / Independence

Bobcat is a member of the feline family and gets its name from its short bobbed tail. It is a medium sized cat and can weigh up to 40 lbs. Bobcat has prominent ear tufts and ruffs on the sides of its head. His coat is brownish-yellow, with dark spots and black stripes. Bobcat is shy, solitary and rarely seen . It likes rough terrain and makes its home under rock ledges. His coloring helps him blend into his surroundings. Bobcat is an expert at  climbing trees and he likes to hide in bushy areas. Its keen eyesight, sensitive whiskers and acute hearing make it a powerful night predator. Bobcat’s ability to sneak up on its prey unnoticed, makes it very successful at catching birds, rodents and rabbits.

Bobcat’s message can help you understand psychic knowledge and ancient mysteries. Its medicine is the ability to help you move beyond time and space. If you have Bobcat as a totem you have excellent counseling skills. Others will confide in you but you must keep their confidences a secret. Do not, " let the cat out of the bag" or you will experience repercussions almost immediately. Be careful of what you say and how you say it. Sharing information received in confidence can lead to problems. Remember, "silence is golden". Be aware of things hidden but trust in your intuition to reveal them. Don’t forget to spend some time alone and away from the telephone. Take a class in psychic development and counseling . Your clairvoyant powers are strong and should be put to good use. [back]




River Otter's Message and Medicine

Playfulness / Sharing / Feminine Energy / Going with the Flow

Otter is a curious, aquatic, carnivorous mammal of the weasel family. Otter is found on all continents except Australia. River Otter is slender, agile and long. Its whiskers and nose pad are prominent. Its ears are small and its feet are webbed. The upper part of the body is a rich dark brown and the underside is gray to brown in color. Otter’s tail is long and thick. Adult otter is 3 to 4 feet in length and it weighs 15 to 25 lbs. Otters are found in lakes, ponds, marshes, bayous, streams,  and rivers. This animals food consist of fish, crawfish, insects, crabs, frogs , small mammals and birds. It has few known enemies. Otter is the comedian of America’s wetlands and are well known for their playfulness. They capture and amuse us with their acrobatic behavior. Otters love to slide down a slick river bank, and enter the water with a big splash. They then climb out of the water and slide down again and again. 

Water is an ancient symbol of feminine, creative forces, so otters connection to water links them with powerful Goddess energy. Its message is always about flowing with the energy of life. It represents letting go of negative emotions such as, anger, jealousy, fear, etc. Otters message is about universal love, not personal love. Otter reminds us to love one another and share in the joy of living. Take time out to stop and play and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet in the process. If you have otter medicine you can be a powerful medicine woman with great healing gifts.  [back]



Raccoon's Message and Medicine

Disguise / Curiosity / Dexterity / Cunning / Transformation

Raccoon is an intelligent , distant relative of the bear family. It is easily recognized by its black mask and bushy black ringed tail. An adult male can weigh 20 lbs. or more . It makes its home in hollow trees, caves , or other den like areas. Raccoon’s unusual front feet are used as, " little hands", to fish, open crawfish, pick berries and gather other food. Raccoon is curious and its hands are dexterous which gets him in all kinds of trouble. It uses its "hands" to open lids, latches and get itself into confined areas, giving raccoon the reputation of being a thief. Raccoon’s good medicine is the mask that it wears.

Our ancestor’s employed mask in ceremony, ritual, healing and in other desired goals. Raccoon’s message gives us the power of the mask to create change, healing and transformation . The mask becomes the doorway to knowledge that is hidden from the conscious mind. Use your curious nature to explore this area. If you have raccoon for a power animal use your energy wisely. Take a class in acting , creative writing, or mask making. Spend some time relaxing near water. You have many talents and it is time to share them. [back]



Coyote's Message and Medicine

Keeper of Magic / Trickster / Teacher / Skill / Communication

Coyote is a cunning wild relative of the canine family. Its ability to adapt to its environment has increased its hunting range and survival rate. He makes his home in burrows and dens . His fur is sprinkled with gray and black with a light colored under part. Coyote is a night time predator and scavenger. His diet consist of roadside kills, deceased, old and weak prey. Coyote’s vegetarian meals includes roots, berries and grass. Coyote’s employs organized cooperative hunting skills to chase down its prey. When coyote tires of running after its prey another coyote will take its place to continue the chase. This relay endeavor assures the success of the hunt. It’s distinct howl consisting of yips and yelps is a social gesture and can communicate warning, loneliness or playfulness.

If you have coyote for a totem you are very skillful and love to joke. At times you can be contrary. Coyote’s medicine is that of the teacher and keeper of magic. Trust in your own abilities but try not to make life to complicated by your choices. Strive for balance between wisdom and folly. Keep life simple and use humor to help you at challenging times. Teaching and communication is important to you. Remember wisdom is the only application of knowledge. Try a class in singing and express yourself fully. [back]



Black-tailed Jackrabbit's Message and Medicine

Fertility / Quick Thinking / Moving Through Fear / Clairaudience

The black-tailed jackrabbit is a member of the hare family and is commonly found in the desert. Its fur is a dark buff color that is peppered with black. Jackrabbit’s have the biggest ears in proportion to their body, than any other animal. The ears are tipped with black and a prominent black stripe runs from its rump to the top of its tail. Jackrabbit has large eyes and excellent hearing. This animal is alert for the slightest sound of an approaching enemy. It relies on its speed to elude predators. At the first hint of danger their long powerful legs carry them with leaps and bounds to safety. Jack- rabbit makes his home in small hollows at the base of shrubs, or in tall grasses, to protect itself from the hot sun. Their diet consist of a variety of vegetation. Jackrabbit is known for its fertility and mates year round. Hawks, coyotes, badgers, bobcats, and weasels are the predators that hunt jackrabbit. 

If jackrabbit is your power animal you are alert and you never box yourself into a corner. You always plan for an escape exit, should the need arise. You are quick-witted, peaceful, talented and a survivor. The role of the victim is not appropriate in your business or personal relationships. Jackrabbit’s message is, always be alert. When walking in a strange neighborhood pay attention to your surroundings . Keep away from your enemies; you know who they are. Change your fears into faith. Learn to "freeze" when you want to avoid detection. Develop clairaudience to hear psychic messages. You are fertile with new ideas and now is the time to act on them.  [back]



Hummingbird's Message and Medicine

Ability to move backward in time / Healing powers /Joy / Spiritual Cleansing

The word hummingbird is a common name for any of the 300 species of the family of small birds of the Americas that share anatomical characteristics of being very swift. The family of hummingbirds are the smallest of all birds measuring about 2 to 4 inches long and weighing in at about . 07 ounces. The hummingbird is tiny in size but it is fiercely territorial. The bird produces a hum noise with strong wing beats , which accounts for its name. With their long, extensible tongues, they feed on nectar and small insects found in flowers. Humming bird hovers in front of flowers to feed and it is the only bird that can fly backwards. Most all humming birds are brightly colored with metallic green coats. The throat is often a flashy red, blue, or emerald.

A person with hummingbird medicine should take note and be able to back out of touchy situations.  Hummingbirds message is to dress colorfully and do not fear to stand out in a crowd. The hummingbird person should never underestimate the power of things small in size. Powerful people can come in small sizes. Humming birds are known to do anting. This means that this bird picks up a ant and rubs it in its feathers to help kill parasites, such as lice. This indicates to you that you need to cleanse yourself spiritually from the parasites that are trying to steal your energy. Run backwards if you have to but do not let the negativity of others suck you dry. You are a beautiful person and you bring great joy to others. Stop once in a while to bless yourself. Then continue your journey moving from person to person blessing others with your loving presence.   [back]



Mouse's Message and Medicine

Detail / Quietness / Shyness / Hiding Ability / South Direction 

Mouse is a small member of the rodent family. Mouse has a long tail, sharp gnawing front teeth , twitching whiskers, and acute hearing and seeing. Mouse is shy and moves quietly about its business. Mouse is inconspicuous and does not like to be seen. Most mice store food and are constantly on the lookout for seeds, berries, etc. Poor mouse is the food of choice for all predators. Its ability to hide and remain quiet are mouse’s medicine and saving grace. 

When mouse enters your life it is time to pay close attention to detail however, if you are too detail oriented you need to take a look at the bigger picture. Don’t overlook what is right in front of your eyes. Look closely at contracts and legal issues before signing. Avoid confrontations if possible and try not to scatter your energies. Before making major decisions be aware of all your options and possibilities . Do work steadily toward your goals but take time out whenever necessary. Take a class in meditation and Yoga. Relax , but do keep an eye open for the cat !  [back]



Hedgehog's Message and Medicine

Fertility / Wisdom of the Grandmothers / Anointing / Defense against Negativity

Hedgehog is a small spiny mammal related to the mole and shrew family. It has an oval shaped body which is low to the ground and weights 8 to 24 ounces. The length varies from 6 to 9 inches. The animals can be found in Europe, Asia and Africa. They are becoming popular in the United States as pets. Hedgehog is usually dark brown in color with crème tips on its spines. There are other color variations but, the brown is the most common. This animal has short legs, pointed snout, small eyes, long tongue, and not much of a tail. Hedgehog is a solitary animal. It is nocturnal and lives in a burrow, hibernating in winter. Hedgehog is curious and likes to root in the ground for food. Its diet consist of worms, insects, mice, frogs and sometimes snakes. Hedgehog responds to threats by rolling into a ball with its spines outward to protect its vulnerable under-parts. When in a relaxed state the quills lie flat against its body. Hedgehog has a unique behavior called, self-anointing. When he discovers a new taste or scent it creates a frothy saliva and uses its tongue to spread the foam onto its spines. This causes it to make all kinds of contortions which is humorous to see. 

Hedgehog’s message is the ability to defend itself against attack. If you have this animal’s medicine you have the ability to defend yourself against negativity. Perhaps you need to keep away from people that continually attack you with words of criticism. Do not accept verbal or physical abuse. Learn how to respond in a threatening situation. Do a full moon meditation and call upon the wisdom of the Grandmothers for guidance and instruction. Ask your female ancestor’s for assistance and blessings. Do a self-blessing ritual using special anointing oils for your empowerment and healing.  [back]



Prairie Dog's Message and Medicine

Community / Communication / Connection Below the Surface


Prairie Dog is a very active burrowing rodent of the squirrel family. There are five species of prairie dogs . The most common prairie dog is the black tipped tail. It is stout, with short legs, sandy colored fur, and a short tail. Its head is broad and rounded. It weights from 1 1/2 to 3 pounds and is 11 to 13 inches long. Early settlers referred to them as "dogs" because of their high-pitched, bark-like cries. Prairie dog lives in colonies of connected burrows which may extend 100 ft. or more. In these tunnels there are side chambers for storage, nesting, and escape should the need arise. Prairie dogs are sociable and depend on each other for survival. At the first sign of danger the alert prairie dog sounds the alarm and then disappears into its burrow. Other sentinels then continue to signal their warnings in the form of yips or barks.

 Prairie dogs are found throughout most of the western United States , Canada, Mexico and other territories. Their diet consist of grasses, roots and blossoms. They love to sun themselves while "gossiping" with their neighbors. Prairie dog’s message is to always be alert. It teaches you not to box yourself into a corner. Do get involved with your community . Eat plenty of vegetables and stay active. If you have prairie dog medicine you have great cooperation skills. Checkout the people around you. Can you depend on them in an emergency ? Don’t be afraid to "yip" if you need help. Join your neighborhood watch and keep communications open with family and friends.   [back]



Koala's Message and Medicine

Climb over Obstacles / The Value of Slow Movement / Ability to Hold On

The koala sometimes called the Koala bear resembles a bear, but it is not related to the bear family. Koala’s are found only in the eucalyptus forests of eastern Australia. This animal has a large, round head with large, round, furry ears, and a large protuberant, curved black nose. The koala has a short, stout, body that is gray in color. Its feet are large and its legs are short and stocky. The koala makes his home high in eucalyptus trees and feeds on the leaves and shoots of a particular species of eucalyptus.. Many people believe that this cute, fuzzy, animal is lazy but this is not so. The koala is a slow-moving marsupial mammal and it is nocturnal. It’s hands and feet are specially adapted for climbing tree’s. The koala sleeps in the eucalyptus tree in the daytime, firmly grasping the limbs with their feet, clinging on with five sharply clawed toes on each foot.

This animal is not comfortable on the ground but it can shuffle along on its short legs if it has too. A single baby is born after a 35 day gestation period. It is blind, hairless, and is only ¾ inch long. Instinct leads it to its mothers pouch where it feeds and remains until it is six months old. The koala is a protected species but it is still threatened by the loss of habitat due to man and seasonal brush fires. Koala’s message is the ability to climb over obstacles and hold on to what brings you security which should be a positive belief system. Take it easy and slow down. Maintain your diet and don’t substitute a food that you are unfamiliar with if you have a health condition. Spend some time in solitude and take a class in Yoga. Rise above your problems by viewing them from a different perspective. You make a difference in the lives of others even if you are not always a party girl or guy.   [back]



Skunk's Message and Medicine

Reputation / Respect / Sensitivity / Confidence / The nose

Skunk is a powerful small mammal about the size of a house cat. It is easily recognized by its long black fur and double white stripes, which go from its head , to the back of its legs and bushy tail. Skunk is a peaceful warrior, fearless and friendly. It appears nonchalant as it moves slowly but deliberately towards its goal. However, do not interfere with skunk’s medicine. Skunk has a distinctive behavior trait which sets its apart from other animals. When skunk feels threatened it will turn its back on you , raise its tail and emit a smelly,  irritating, chemical spray , which numbs the senses and stings the eyes. You will never forget an encounter with skunk. Skunk’s message teaches you how to get respect without being overly aggressive or domineering.

Skunk encourages you to raise a " stink" if you are threatened , or being pushed around by a bully. Do not be afraid to speak up in order to defend your space. If you are involved in domestic violence you need to inform the proper authorities . Don’t worry about causing a " Big Stink" when you expose these tyrants. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Be aware of your reputation . What is your self-image and how do people respond to you ? If you " smell" something bad , make sure that it is not you , dumping negativity on others , or being dumped on. Take a class in aromatherapy . Your sense of smell is a great gift from the Creator. Honor and be thankful for all of your senses.   [back]






Beaver is the largest mammal in the rodent family. Its distinguishing features are its large incisor teeth and tail which serves as a rudder when swimming . Beaver is an excellent swimmer . It excels in the building of dams . Beaver’s large teeth are well suited to cut down trees and eat the bark and twigs of trees. Beaver is well equipped to defend its home and family. Beaver’s message is to keep active and busy. Be resourceful and practical . Be open to change when it is necessary. Use team effort when working toward your goals and objectives. Be alert to alternative solutions and make use of available resources whenever possible. Work on family issues and projects. Discuss current events to enhance communication skills . Set up some time to hear what is going on in your family. If you don’t swim, take a swimming class. Spend time doing repairs and fixing up your home but , don’t forget to pursue your dreams.   [back]



Dingo’s Message and Medicine

Adaptability / Cooperation / Persistence / Assistance / Loyalty / Silence

The Dingo is a wild and ancient form of the domestic dog, found in Australia. The Dingo has short hair, that ranges in color from reddish ginger, to rust, tawny yellowish, or, brown. It is of medium size and has a sharp muzzle, erect ears and a bushy tail. This canine howls but it does not bark. Dingo is an opportunistic, meat eating, predator and mainly hunts at night. Dingo’s will eat almost anything but they prefer sheep, wallabies, and kangaroos. They will supplement their diets with rabbits, small rodents, insects, lizards, vegetable matter and carrion. Dingo’s hunt alone , in pairs, or, as a family unit, but seldom in packs. If game is scarce they will participate in a group hunt. They have specific, defined, territories in which they hunt and they are relentless hunters. Dingo’s of Australia have adapted to their environment just as coyotes have adapted to living in suburban areas, in the United States. 

Many sheep farmers consider the dingo a pest that should be eliminated. It is believed that early aboriginal people brought the dingo to Australia thousands of years ago. If dingo is your power animal listen to its message; you are persistent and cautious, you always finish what you start and you know that cooperation is essential for success. Do what you must in order to adapt to life’s circumstances. Silently follow your dreams and don’t bark unless you intend to bite. If you do not have a loving companion it time to get one. You bring great joy to others.  [back]



Armadillo's Message and Medicine


Armadillos are unique mammals. They are the only mammal with a shell. This armor is composed of overlapping bony plates called scutes.  Armadillo has poor eyesight but an excellent sense of smell and strong legs. Armadillo is a burrowing animal which carries its shield on its back. Armadillo’s underside is its most vulnerable area. If it is threatened it will roll itself into a ball to avoid penetration by its enemies. Armadillo’s claws make excellent tools to dig beneath the surface of hidden things. This animal digs into the ground for worms, insects, reptiles, and other mammals. These creatures are semi-nocturnal and live in swamps, shady area, forests, and palmettos. Armadillos are the only mammals that always give birth to four identical young.

If armadillo has entered your life you may need to make changes regarding your private space. If your home is invaded by unwelcome guest, set some boundaries. Do a reality check. Get rid of unwanted burdens. Release persons, places and things that are making you sick or keeping you in lack. Spend some time studying yourself. If you are being too protective come out of your shell. Shield yourself against negativity but, trust, have faith and be prepared to live your life fully. Do a spiritual house cleansing or smudging. Create a sacred space for meditation, prayer, healing , and ritual.  [back]




Mental Speed /  Agility / Rapid Change / Grounding / Escape

Roadrunner is a member of the cuckoo family. It lives in desert areas but can survive in other locations as well. Roadrunner is about two feet long and its feathers are streaked with black, brownish gray and white. It has a long strong beak and a light blue ring around its eyes. At the back of this ring is a visible red streak. Roadrunner prefers to run rather than fly. He is often seen running 18 miles per hour along roadsides. Although roadrunner favors the ground to flying it will take flight on occasions. Its diet consist of insects, snakes, lizards and toads. Roadrunners medicine is its running expertise. Its message teaches mental speed and agility. Those of you that have road- runner as your totem excel in quick thinking and agility. You are able to shift into other states of consciousness with no problem. Because you think so fast people may have trouble keeping up with your line of thought. Learn to slow down when expressing your opinions. Remain grounded when faced with difficult decisions. Pay attention to your legs and feet. Try walking at a fast pace, dancing or running. Get a massage and pedicure.   [back]



Groundhog's Message and Medicine

Understanding the power of cycles / Knowing when to hibernate / Building / Ability to go underground

The groundhog or woodchuck is a rodent and member of the squirrel family. Its length varies from 16 to 27 inches an it weights from 4 to 14 pounds. Groundhog has short, strong legs and a medium length tail. It has long coarse hair which is grayish brown with a yellowish or reddish cast. Groundhog has excellent tunneling and digging ability. Its strong chisel-like teeth are used to cut through roots and other obstacles. This animal is known for its elaborate underground tunnels. The entrance of its den is usually conspicuous because of a pile of dirt outside of its home. Side entrances are usually smaller and better camouflaged. Groundhog is a vegetarian. It eats plants, flowers, roots and wild herbs. Groundhog plays an important role to its community as a home builder for other animals. Weasels, rabbits, foxes and skunks often occupies groundhog’s den. This animal hibernates during winter and is symbolic of death without dying. 

If groundhog is your power animal it is time to explore alternative states of consciousness. Pay attention to your dreams and try meditation. Study a specific subject or area of interest. Take up a Yoga class and learn to relax. Dig beyond the surface to get to the truth of important issues. Perhaps it is time to add an addition to your home or build the home of your dreams. Offer your home to someone in need but make sure that it is only temporary. Is it time to withdraw from busy activities and hibernate for a while? Don’t paint yourself into a corner and always have several ways to exit from a negative situations. Add more vegetables to your diet. Study the seasons and apply the wisdom of the changing cycles in your daily life. You are a good person and a blessing to many people.   [back]



Monkey's Message and Medicine

Family Protection / Using available resources / Communication  

Monkey belongs to the primate family. Because there are so many different species, only basic generalities will be given here. Monkey has grasping hands, forward facing eyes and a long tail. Monkey uses its tail to hold on to limbs or, as an extra leg while foraging for food, climbing, and balancing. Monkey is very intelligent. It communicates through gestures, body postures, and vocalization. Monkey is very sociable and lives in small family groups, or may live in large troops containing several animals. The size of the group is determined by the availability of food and the risk involved when searching for food. Monkey’s diet consist of leaves, roots, flowers, eggs and small animals. They are often attacked and eaten by hyenas, lions and cheetahs. 

Monkey is very popular and enjoys grooming other family members. This animal is capable of mimicking humans. They are very skilled at using a variety of improvised tools to attain their objectives. If you have monkey for a power animal pay attention to your communication skills. Don’t be afraid to vocalize your needs, or get your messages across in a clear manner. Get involved with a positive group endeavor. Practice some stretching exercises and climb stairs instead of taking an elevator. Strengthen family ties by phoning, writing or emailing relatives that you have not heard from for a while. Be creative and use innovative tools to accomplish your goals. Why not get a statue of the three monkeys as a warning to speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil. And of course, don’t monkey around unless you mean it. You are very popular and a welcome guest anywhere.   [back]



Kangaroo's Message and Medicine

Protection of Young /  Creating a safe environment / Leaping from bad situations

The kangaroo is the world’s largest marsupial. The male can weight up to 160 pounds and run up to 40 miles an hour. The female carries its young in a pouch. The babies are called joeys and are the size of a peanut at birth. Kangaroo uses its long, thick tail for balancing, providing support while sitting, or as another foot when searching for food. Kangaroo has large independently moving ears that help it listen for predators.

They warn each other of approaching danger by thumping their feet on the ground. Their large feet have non-retractable claws, providing the kangaroo with excellent traction, for long jumps when evading predators. The legs are strong and built to act as shock absorbers, using the energy from the animals weight, to hit the ground solidly and bounce back into the air. The eyelashes are multi-layered and thick which keep out the dust and flies. The nostrils of the nose are wide which helps draw in air during motion. Its sensitive nose processes various scents. The inside of the females pouch is smooth skinned, while the entrance to the pouch contains thick, fluffy, fur for protection against all types of weather. The lip of the pouch is really a muscle that the mother controls. This protects and restrains the joey safely when the mother is doing some fast speed running. Their diet consist mostly of grass. If Kangaroo is your power animal you are capable of escaping from your enemies. Create a safe environment for your loved ones. Do some volunteer work with children. Take time out to nurture yourself and try not to jump to conclusions. Take time to balance your emotions. Do not try to hide from your problems, avoidance is not the solution. Do a little running for exercise and practice jumping to reduce stress. You are a wonderful person, may the sun always shine down on you.   [back]



Dolphin's Message and Medicine

Freedom/ Power of breath and Sound/ Rhythm/ Balance/ Harmony / Communication

Dolphins are mammals of the sea, but are not fish. They are warm blooded, nurse their young, and give birth to one baby at a time, called a calf. Dolphins are very social and live in groups, called pods. Dolphins are very adapted to their life in the ocean. They have a fishlike body, numerous teeth and a head elongated into a beak-like stout. Their teeth are conical pegs which allows the dolphin to hold on to fish and eat them whole.

Dolphins  hunt alone or together in pods. They have a definite area in which they roam and feed.  Their predators are sharks and man. Dolphins have powerful tails and pectoral flippers which are used to steer them through the water and to stroke one another. Stroking helps develop strong social bonds. Socially developed dolphins swim in synchronism; turning and twisting, leaping high out of the water, playing in harmonious joy and freedom. They use their sonar system to locate fish by a series of clicks and communicate to each other by whistling or body language. Dolphins breath through their blowhole, located at the top of their head. The power of breath is the message of the dolphin. The dolphin can be very beneficial and symbolic to people with lung and breathing problems. Many people teach the sacredness of sound and breath. Dolphin message teaches us of specific breathing techniques that can encourage manifestation of our goals and objectives. If you are normally a loner, try working with groups of people. Take a dancing class and read a book on body language. Dolphin will link you to your primordial beginning. You will establish a psychic connection to all your relations, those that fly, walk, swim and crawl. You are a peace maker and bring joy to others.  [back]



Porcupine's Message and Medicine

Defense when threatened / Protection / Allowing others their space

Porcupine belongs to the rodent family. It is heavyset, nocturnal and herbivorous. Porcupine has a blunt-nosed face, small eyes, and small round ears. Its head is small and its body is 25 to 40 inches long. It weights 10 to 40 lbs. Its legs are powerful and its feet are curved claws making it slow-footed but strong. Its two large, front gnawing teeth continues to grow as long as porcupine lives. Porcupine’s most distinguishing characteristic is its long, yellowish guard hair which covers the front of its body, while up to 30,000 quills grow from the head to the tail. The 2 to 6 inch quills are set with tiny, scale-like barbs. The North American porcupine is found in heavily wooded regions from Alaska to the northern extreme of Mexico. This animal lives in hollow logs and holes. Porcupine may look clumsy but it is an excellent tree climber. The animal’s diet consist of the bark of trees, young leaves, twigs and green plants. Porcupine loves salt and it will eat nearly anything with a salty flavor. Porcupine’s enemies are the fisher, mountain lion, bobcat, and coyote. When threatened, its quills stand up. Porcupine places its snout between its forelegs and presents its rear to its enemies. If attacked it drives its tail against its enemy and dozens of quills detach from its body and are embedded in the body of its attacker.

Porcupines message can be sharp and get under the skin of the person that it attacks. If porcupine is your power animal learn to think before you speak. You are protected from your enemy but try not to wound others with words. You are an opportunist, sensitive, resourceful and creative. If you have been " stung" in the past by an unkind person it is now time to let go, forgive and forget. Try not to be too defensive; you are a wonderful person when you give others the opportunity to know you.  [back]



Bighorn Sheep's Message and Medicine

Balance / Strength / Power / Virility / New Beginnings

Bighorn sheep are the largest and best known wild sheep in the North American continent. These mountain dwellers reside on rocky ridges and cliff ledges. Bighorn sheep get their name from their massive curved horns, which spiral backwards, from the top of the head of the mature males. The horns are used as weapons for defense and are also a status symbol. This muscular bodied animal is covered with a brown coat. Its belly, rump, back of legs, muzzle and eye patch are white. Bighorn Sheep is a grazing animal. Its diet consist of tender grasses, such as June grass, wheat grass, and blue grass. These alert sentinels have exceptionally keen eyesight, smelling and hearing abilities. Their unusually strong cloven hooves are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. The hooves act as shock absorbers making the sheep an excellent climber and jumper. 

Bighorn sheep’s message is that of new beginnings. If you have this animal for your power ally, have confidence in your powers to land safely on your feet, in most circumstances. The spiral horn symbolizes your creativity, energy, and endurance. You can initiate new projects and have the strength to complete them. Defend your territory and test your strength, but do not lock horns just to prove your point. Think before you act. Stay in balance with your environment by hiking ,walking, or climbing. Take a class to expand your mind and use your imagination to reach new heights of achievement. Seek new opportunities in your work and relationship areas. Now is a good time to make changes . You can accomplish a lot if you are prepared.   [back]



Giraffe's Message and Medicine

Communication / Foreseeing the future / Reaching beyond 

Giraffe is the tallest of all animals. The male averages 17 feet in height and can weight close to2,000 pounds. This animal has an extremely long neck and very long slender legs. Giraffe has a 15 inch tongue that allows it to reach high into acacia trees to eat the leaves which are its main food. Giraffe’s coat has chestnut brown blotches against a buff background. As it ages its color changes to a darker brown. Each giraffe has its own unique pattern. The male and female both have two to four short, blunt, skin covered horns. Giraffe is found in Africa and lives in loose, open herds. They are social animals and are not territorial. The herds have no leaders so giraffe is fairly independent. Giraffe moves from tree to tree searching for food during the day time but it regroups at night Herds are composed of all male, all female, all young, or a mixture of both sexes and all ages. It is difficult for the herd to gather close together for protection, due to their size.

Giraffe usually sleeps in a standing position. Lions and hyena’s are its chief predators. Giraffe protects it young by kicking with its large heavy hooves. This animal can go for several days without drinking water because they receive moisture from the leaves. Giraffe’s message encourages us to move beyond our circumstances. Don’t be afraid to stretch for what you wan t out of life. Be independent but be aware of the benefits of group activity. The long slender neck of giraffe represents communication and the throat chakra. If you have giraffe as your power animal pay attention to your use of words and communications skills. Do not stick your neck out to far for undeserving people. Look beyond the surface and "see" with your heart instead of your eyes. You have clairvoyant powers. Take a class in kick boxing.  [back]


Turkey's Message and Medicine

Sacrifice / Honoring Mother Earth / Thanksgiving / Give-away

Turkey’s are the largest game birds in North America and are native to this continent. In pre- colonial times the turkey was abundant throughout the United States. The turkey population decreased in earlier times because of excessive hunting and habitant loss. They are now thriving due to hunting restrictions. Turkey is 36 to 48 inches long and can weight 25 lbs or more, with a 4 to 5 ft wingspan. The male and female both have stout legs with the male having a spur on each leg curving upward. Mr. turkey also has a bright red fleshy wattle which protrudes from its forehead. Turkey’s plumage is a beautiful metallic bronze with a gold, green and red cast. Turkey forages on the ground, scratching for seeds, nuts, grain, lizards, frogs, and snakes. Their powerful gizzards serve as teeth to crush and grind their food. Besides the standard gobble, a cluck may be uttered to call a group turkey meeting, another call serves as an alarm system. These birds have excellent vision and hearing. They can run up to 20 miles an hour and fly with a short burst of energy. 

Native Americans used turkeys for food and feathers. The feathers were used in ceremony and twisted and plaited to create blankets. The hollowed out leg bones served as whistles. Turkey is sometimes referred to as earth eagle and is symbolic of the give-a-way. It sacrifices its life for our personal use. It represents the abundance of Mother Earth. If turkey is your power ally you are working with the north direction of the medicine wheel. If you are not a generous person you will be required to make some personal sacrifices. Creator will ask you to share your knowledge, wisdom and other skills. You have good medicine to share.  [back]



Horse’s Message and Medicine

Freedom / Power / Cooperation / Travel / Stamina / The Shamanic Journey

Horse is a large solid-hoofed, herbivorous animal . There are a wide variety of horses bred for specific purposes, but we will stick to generalities. Horse has contributed much to humanity’s advancement. Before horse was domesticated our ancestors walked to their destinations and carried their heavy burdens. The distance between civilizations was too great for interactions with their neighbors, but once humanity developed a relationship with horse it opened the way for travel, exploration and freedom. Domesticated horse has made a valuable contribution of historical significance. Horse served in war, traveling, riding, pulling loads, carrying burdens and in many other capacities. Before horses were domesticated they stood little chance of survival outside of a community of horses. Horses relate to each other in a hierarchy. There is the alpha horse in the herd, the horses in between, and the lowest rank horse. The hierarchy gives all horses a sense of security because it lets each horse know their specific position. 

If horse is your power ally define the breed, color and characteristics. Horses also represent the emotions. Are your emotions in control or are they running wild? What is your position in hierarchy at work and in the home? If you are experiencing a lot of problems you may wish to examine your bag of burdens to make sure that they are your own problems. Sometimes we take on the burdens of others through a mistaken sense of identity. Don’t forget to feel free and kick up your heels once in a while. If you find yourself bucking the system its time to take inventory of your present needs, goals and objectives. Take up horse back riding. Don’t be afraid to explore greener pastures and of course don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  [back]



Gila Monster's Message and Medicine

Preservation / Survival / Careful us of Resources / Maintenance

The Gila Monster is the largest lizard in the United States and its bite is poisonous. It is found in the desert areas of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. It is also found in northwestern Mexico. A typical Gila monster is stoutly built and moves slowly on four short legs, dragging a thick, short, blunt tail. Its color is black, orange, pink or yellow broken blotches, bars and spots, with bands extending onto its large tail. Gila has a black face marbled with pink and small bead-like scales across it back. The tongue is forked, broad, and flat. Fat is stored in the tail, and the lizard can live for months on this reserve. The Gila does not like extreme heat during the day so it hides under rocks or, in holes till it is time to feed. Its diet consist of small rodents, birds and reptile eggs. When Gila bites it holds on strongly with its mouth. It secretes poison through glands in the lower jaw, which flows out along grooves of teeth, located on the lower and upper jaws. Gila monsters do not usually attack or bite a human on purpose. If this lizard is not handled properly it can be a treat to a human and its bite can be fatal. Gila monster’s eggs are leathery-shells and are about the size of hen eggs. The female of the species lay approximately a dozen eggs in moist sand, cover them up, and then abandon them. The young hatch in about 10 months. 

The Gila’s message is to stand strong in what you believe and protect what is yours. Remaining in the rhythm of life will help you maintain balance with the flow of all life. Do not force issues during critical times. Keep silent about your affairs until you are able to make the appropriate decision. Remain balanced and determined in order to be successful. Do not use up all of your resources. Save something to tide you over during hard times. Review your belief system and weed out negative thinking. Preserve and maintain your present status. Do not over extend yourself in any area of your life. Be appreciative of your blessings.  [back]




Understanding Aggression / Endurance / Gluttony / Standing your ground 

The wolverine is the largest mammal of the weasel family. It is a ferocious animal whose habits are closely related to the badger. It is nocturnal and does not hibernate. The wolverine is native to the northern regions of North America, Europe, and Asia. The wolverine’s body is heavyset, the legs are thick and short, and the claws are curved and long. It carries its head and tail low to the ground and its back forms a high arch. Wolverine has a blunt, rounded head and its snout is pointed and short. It has thick body fur which is dark brown in color with the exception of two lighter stripes running the entire length of its body, including it short bushy tail. Wolverine inhabits the forest, and open plains. Its diet consist of small mammals, berries, birds and carrion. Wolverine’s are very powerful and are capable of bringing down much larger animals. They can also drive away other predators from their kill.

This animal represents everything that is wild and untamed. When it appears in your life it is time to actively pursue your goals and objectives with boldness and persistence. Pursue your dreams and be willing to fight for your ideals. Be aware that your passion for life will increase with opportunities to gobble up food or knowledge. This is not the time to be passive or uncertain. Fight for what is yours but do not get greedy or, claim what is not yours. Watch your diet . Try not to eat your food too fast. Stand your ground on important issues . Take a class in kick boxing . Use all of that extra energy you have to accomplish something positive. You are at your all time best.   [back]



Rattlesnake's Message and Medicine

Rebirth / Renewal / Transformation / Wisdom / Healing / Primitive Energy

Rattlesnake is one of four venomous snakes native to California. Rattlesnake belongs to the pit viper family. There are 16 rattlesnake varieties and numerous colors, with distinct shape patterns. Rattlesnake is approximately four feet long and its body is covered with small scales. It has no eye lids and no legs. All rattlers are positively identified by the jointed rattles on the end of their tail. Rattlesnakes are dangerous and when disturbed, coils up and rattles a warning. If it is cornered, it will definitely strike. Rattlesnake hibernates in winter in deep dark crevices and ledges. When temperatures begins to warm in early spring, snake crawls out to hunt for rodents, lizards, squirrels and small rabbits.

All snakes are symbolic of death and rebirth because they shed their skin as they outgrow the old. In ancient times snakes signified the mysterious; they were primitive symbols of the Great Mother Goddess. If rattlesnake is your power animal there will be significant changes in some area of your life. You are going through a major transitional period. Try to make conscious choices and pay attention to your dreams which may contain valuable information about those changes. Make sure of the intention of others before you strike out at them. Rattlesnake’s message is change and renewal. Perhaps you need to take time out to digest new information or knowledge. Attend a Goddess workshop and get closer to nature. You are most powerful when you meditate, or spend some quite time outdoors.  [back]



Red-Tailed Hawk

Seeing the larger picture / Message from Spirit / Clear Sight / Focus / Flow 

The red-tailed hawk is a bird of prey. It is the most commonly seen hawk in California and is the largest of hawks. It gets its name from its broad, rounded tail which is russet red in color, the rest of the body is covered with dark brown feathers and it has a wing span of approximately five feet. The female weights about 3-4 lbs and is nearly 1/3 larger in size than the male who weights 2. 5 lbs. Nest building and mating usually begins in March. At that time both male and female perform spectacular aerial displays. They circle and soar to great heights, fold their wings and plummet down to treetop levels. This performance is repeated several times a day which guarantees the interest and attraction of both sexes. They mate for life and both assist in constructing the nest. Hawk loves to soar and glide upon the wind currents with ease and has excellent eyesight.

 Hawk has a strong, hooked beak and powerful talons. Its prey is rabbits, snakes and rodents. It is a fearless bird and can be seen perched on utility poles and tree tops observing life with attention and interest. The red in its tail represents a strong life force or energy. Its message is to flow with life instead of struggling. If you have hawk medicine you are a visionary and can see beyond the surface of things and situations. You are capable of looking at the big picture before making important decisions. Remember to focus on problems before trying to solve them. You are a strong and courageous person. Freedom is important to you so give yourself space in relationships. Hawk is a messenger of the Great Spirit and when hawk is seen circling above you, it is a blessing from the Creator.  [back]


Lion's Message and Medicine

Family Ties / Strength / Courage / Protector / Sun Energy  

The African lion is a carnivore and belong to the cat family. Male lions weigh between 330 and 550 pounds. Females lions called lioness weigh between 260 and 400 pounds. Lion is 8 to 10 feet in length not including its tail. The male lions most sticking feature is its mane. The mane is yellow in color when lion is young as it matures the mane darkens with age. The body of the lion is well suited for hunting its prey, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, wild hogs and antelope. The female do most of the hunting, but the males eat first. The male responsibility is to defend the pride. The lions habitat is grassy plains, savannas, and semi-deserts.  The lions society is centered around the pride which consist of 3 to 30 lions, lionesses, and clubs. The lion is the only large cat that is social.

Lions message is to protect and defend what is yours. Contribute to your family's well being. Take time to relax and reduce stress. Allow help from your mate and participate at family gatherings. Do your part to secure family ties and relationships. Take pride in your family and ancestors. Develop a strong mind as well as a strong body. Have courage to do what is right and best for others as well as yourself. [back]



Dragonfly's Message and Medicine

Life Cycles / Ancient Times / Water / Clairvoyance / Transformation  

Dragonfly is a large predatory insect that fly's swiftly catching smaller insects in mid-air by means of its basket- like arrangement of legs. Dragonfly is commonly called a Mosquito Hawk because both the dragonfly and hawk are both carnivorous. Dragonfly eats large quantities of mosquitoes. The name Darning Needle comes from the shape of the body which is very pointed. Most dragonflies are skinny, have large wings and are brilliantly colored. The colors are jewel-like and the brightest colors take time to develop.   These ancient insects are over 180 million years old. Dragonflies have two life stages. The first life stage is the aquatic life stage or larval form, and most of a dragonflies lifespan is spent in this form. Dragonfly has huge eyes. Each eye contains over 30,000 facets. Dragonflies are very skilled fliers and can fly backwards and hover like a helicopter.  They mate, hunt, feed, and lay eggs in flight. The eggs develop in a  pond or other water source. The hatched young are called nymphs.

There are approximately 650 species in North American.  Dragonflies live in a wide range of habitats and are usually found near water. Dragonfly's message is to take time to develop properly. Spend time in or around the water. Use a variety of colors when you dress and do not forget to try something new occasionally. Reach beyond your boundaries and you will not be disappointed. Take a class in clairvoyance.  [back]



Eagle's Message and Medicine

Spirituality / Strength / Power / Air / Healing

The majestic bald eagle is found throughout North America, but more eagles nest in Florida than in any other state except Alaska. The word "bald" means white, not hairless. The bald eagle thrives in Alaska because of the salmon. Fish that are dead or dying are important sources of food for Eagle. Eagle is a member of the sea and fish eagle group. Eagle will eat whatever prey is easiest to attain including, mice, rats, rabbits, other small mammals, and road kill. Eagles powerful talons can easily lift and carry prey to their nest.  Eagle can consume a pound of fish in a four minute time period. The flesh of its prey is torn off with the powerful beak of eagle. All eagles have excellent eyesight. They have two foveae, or centers of focus which allows them to see both forward and to the side at the same time. Eagle can see fish several hundred feet below while in flight. Eagles like all birds have color vision. The sharpness of eagles vision is at least four times that of a person with perfect vision. Eagle has 7,000 feathers, like hair and nails, and are made of heratin. Layers of feathers insulate the birds against cold and protect eagle from the rain.

Eagle's ability to soar to great heights makes it a symbol of freedom, honor, spirituality, and respect. Eagle is a symbol of the United States of American. To the Native Americans, eagle represents the Great Spirit. The feathers of eagle are sacred to the Native Americans. Eagle feathers have been  used in regalia, sacred objects, bonnets and hair  since early times. The feathers are used in healing and ceremonies. Eagle bones are made into  whistles used during the sweat lodge  and Sundance. Eagle feathers also play an important role in the eagle dance. The message of eagle is the maintenance of balance and to recognize the connection with all of our relations. When eagle enters your life a whole new dimension opens and your  perception and understanding of spirituality increases allowing you to make contact with the Spirit in all things.  To align oneself with the medicine of eagle is a big responsibility and not to be taken lightly. [back]



Tiger's Message and Medicine

Passion / Strength / Power / Silence / Night

The tiger is the largest member of the cat family. There are a number of species in the tiger group. This sleek, beautiful and powerful cat lives in habitats of tropical rainforest, mangrove swamps, snow-covered forest and drier forest. Tiger selects moderately dense cover to aid in its hunting. Dense jungles, and overgrown places allow tiger to stalk their prey at night. The largest tigers, Siberian tigers, weigh the most and are  considered to be the most magnificent of all of the tiger family. The stripes of tigers serve as a fingerprint does to a human. The stripe pattern  of each  tiger is unique. Tiger's main prey is large animals but their diet is varied. They eat deer, cattle, snakes and carrion. Tigers will also kill domestic animals such as, sheep, horses, cattle and goats. If they are unsuccessful locating prey they will eat anything they can catch. 

Tiger stalk and ambush their prey. The powerful body of the tiger knocks the prey off balance and a fatal bit to the throat kills it. Tiger is a solitary animal, males and female come together only at mating times. The mother and her young form the basic social unit. Generally, the male and female tigers maintain home ranges that do not overlap the home range of another tiger of the same sex. Unlike most members of the cat family, tigers are good swimmers. They will swim in search of prey or to avoid danger. Tigers message is to act and stop procrastinating. Develop passion in living. Be independent and take time to be alone. Try doing some of your work in the evening and don't be afraid to travel beyond your normal territory.  [back]



Parrot's Message and Medicine

Color Healing / Rainbow / Mimicking / Communication  

Parrots belong to a large family of tropical birds easily recognized by their spectacular colors. Over 50 different species live in the Amazon. The colorful Amazon parrot is the most common of all pet parrots kept in captivity. Parrots eat fruit and seeds, the latter of which their powerful beaks easily cracks open. Humans have a long history association with parrots. Our fascination is not limited to admiring the beauty of this bird. The power to imitate and "talk" is what makes parrots famous. Parrots are excellent mimics and are able to copy almost any sound including human speech. Parrots in the wild are very busy birds. Locating food, water  and nesting sites consumes much of their time. Socializing and grooming also keeps them busy. Parrots roost, fly, and forage for food in flocks. Many species of parrots will mate for life. In the wild parrots must learn how to find food and water and  avoid toxic plants. They must also learn how to defend their territory and avoid predators.

Parrot is a sun bird and its brightly colored feathers are its magic. The feathers are used as prayer sticks, in smudging ceremonies, head ornaments, and on costumes. The feathers of parrot are also used in healing ceremonies.  Parrots message is to spend sometime socializing and barter when you can. Take a class in color healing. Include lots of color in your wardrobe. Develop your communication skills. Talk but do gossip. Spend some time in the sunshine and keep in touch with Nature.   [back]  



Jaguar's Message and Medicine

Power / Strength / Sensitivity / Night / Shape shifter   

Jaguar is the largest carnivorous cat in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest cat in the world. It is one of the four roaring cats. Jaguar can be distinguished from leopard because jaguars have a more muscular body and a shorter tail. Jaguar has a large head and jaws. The jaws of the jaguar can easily piece the skull of its prey.  Jaguar has a stocky body and short sturdy limbs. His coat is tan with black broken-edged rosettes around small black spots. This beautiful animal is found in tropical rainforest, scrub, and wet grasslands. Jaguar can be found in the Southwestern United States, throughout Central America, and into Northern South America. They prefer forest and swamps to supply their need of water. Jaguar is an excellent swimmer and tree climber. Their diet consist of wild horses, domestic stock, peccaries, rodents and other small prey.  In the Amazon this great cat also eats fish, frogs, turtles and small alligators. Jaguar has no rivals for food and territory and its only predator is man.

Jaguars are solitary and only come together during the breeding season. They can communicate using various vocal sounds and mark their territory by scent. They are primarily nocturnal animals but at times can be seen active in the daytime as well. Jaguar's message is to move beyond your fear of the unknown. Sometimes it is necessary to set boundaries. Jaguar is the power animal of many shamans. It is big medicine for people that understand and respect the power  of others. Work your magic at night and use the various phases of the moon to achieve your goals and objectives. [back]  



Black Panther's Message and Medicine

The Ancestors / The Moon / Mysticism / Feminine Power

The black panther is an aggressive member of the cat family. The panther is generally smaller then the lion and tiger but it is a more fierce predator. The male of this species weights from 80 to 200 lbs, and the female weights between 60 to 140 lbs. The color of this black leopard is due to a recessive gene. Black panther cubs can be born to two spotted leopards. Panthers are very strong and are capable of hauling their 150 lb prey up a tree branch 20 feet high. This beautiful cat is carnivores and its diet consist largely of smaller animals. Favorite prey is monkeys, jackals, snakes, sheep, goats and antelope when it can catch it. It lacks the speed to bring down a zebra on a regular basis. Panther stalks its prey until it gets within striking distance. A favorite trick is to wait in a tree until its prey passes and then attacking it. The panther can show great patience while waiting, but once it attacks the kill is made by grabbing the neck in the jaws and suffocating the victim to death. 

This animal has always been associated with death, mysticism, the dark of the moon and of course night. Because of our primitive fear of death and darkness we must move beyond the terror we have if we are to understand the power of panther and its dark beauty. The message of panther is to make night your friend. Make yourself familiar with night animals. Work through your fears of death and the night. Study mysticism and plan your objectives before employing them. Do not be afraid of power.  [back



Dove's Message and Medicine

Peace / Love / Gentleness / Calmness / Holy Spirit / Goodwill

Doves have always  been a universal symbol of peace and goodwill to many cultures and religions. There are many varieties of doves throughout the world. White doves are a type of pigeon. They are social birds that live in colonies. They are prey to peregrine falcons and hawks. Like all pigeons white doves eat mostly seeds. They drink by sucking up water. These beautiful birds are from 12 to 14 inches long and have a lifespan of up to 15 years. Male doves  build  saucer-like nest made of sticks and twigs. Nest are located in high places like, seaside cliffs or on the window stills of skyscrapers in large cities. The female dove lays 1 to 2 eggs and both parents incubate the eggs. Doves mate for life and care for their family together.

To the early Greek and Romans the dove represented devotion and love. The Chinese believe that the dove represented long life and peace. This bird was sacred to Aphrodite and Venus, the goddess of love. The Bible referred to the dove as a bird representing love, fidelity, honesty and loyalty. When the dove carrying the olive branch showed up to Noah on the ark, it was symbolic of the group finding land and a new home. To the Christian of today the dove represents the Holy Spirit. Dove's message is that of peace,  harmony and good will. Dove gives us the message of hope and faith. It is a message of trust and love  is a "sign" that the Holy Spirit is with us forever. When you see the White Dove consider it a blessing from Spirit and a message and visit from a deceased loved one.  [back




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