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The Goals of the Electric Blanket Institute Consumer Guide

  • To present factual unbiased information about electric blankets and electric mattress pads.
  • To help you select the type and brand that is MOST APPROPRIATE FOR YOU.
  • To help you find a retailer selling whichever brand you choose.

How to Learn and Select Before You Buy

There are many sites recommending bedding. Some are biased to sell their products. Some are seriously flawed as the information they present. However the Institute presents expert scientific unbiased comparisons and ratings of each product and reviews of each major brand. Additionally we write that information in non-technical language. Finally after you decide which product and brand will be most suitable to you, we recommend retailers where you can buy that product this season. All of this can be found in our Buyers Guide.


Ready to Buy?

Many readers ask us which products we prefer to use and where is a good place to purchase them.

  • If you are interested in our own favorites visit our affiliate store, Above & Beyond. They have clear presentations with unusually thorough descriptions and photos.
  • See our Retailer Lists for Heated Mattress Pads or Blankets.
Ready to Buy?


Actual Unedited Testimonials from Past Users Just Like You -- A Few of Many

It was the safety issue that I was worried about. By your knowledgeable answers help me decides if it was safe to buy a heated mattress pad. And not being a representative of a company I felt safe to go ahead purchase my mattress pad and will buy another one this year. Thank you for being there.

What a great service!  This was a huge help and timesaver to me.  I especially like the detailed reason why you chose your favorite and also the website information to order it.  It saves me from trying to shop around and compare on my own. Thank you so much!!!

I had spent two (2) weeks doing research before I stumbled across your site. Your company was very helpful and enabled me to make my final decisions about which blankets to purchase.

Thank you thank you Richard! Im def putting you guys on my facebook! Wow! What a quick and detailed response and so refreshing in this day & age! I certainly appreciate your recommendation and appreciate your service :)))

I truly appreciate the information you provided.

You made a frustrating situation, and decision so much easier.

We saw your article in the Texas Coop Power magazine last early winter and I contacted you for recommendations because we have a 110 pound Labrador retriever that likes to take a nap on our bed occasionally. My husband and I spent a very comfortable warm winter due to your recommendations. The electric mattress pad was wonderful for our morning stiffness due to arthritis and our Labrador did not seem to harm it.

You guys are awesome. Thank you!

Thank you so much, you saved me a ton of shopping!! I have already ordered it.

Thanks so much for your recommendations and factual information.  I recently purchased a Perfect Fit Soft Heat mattress pad, and you were RIGHT.  It keeps me warmer than an electric blanket, and ....WHOOPEE!..... it really warms my cold feet!!!  We greatly like the fact that it barely wrinkles on the mattress from use - stays in place so well!



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