I love reading books and watching movies where the main characters are strong and courageous. I love it even more when those characters are women. There is something so inspiring to me about a powerful woman — especially when she stands up against the odds and comes out on top.

When I was growing up, I looked up to Gloria Steinem and Margaret Thatcher. Two very different women, but both stood strong in their convictions. Both were confident in their ability to make a difference in the world. And, both were role models for millions of women around the world.

Growing up in the south, I was also taught that women endured. Women followed their men. Women didn’t complain.

The heck with that!

What I’ve learned is that only disempowered women sacrifice their personal happiness for everyone else.

Coming into this realization has put me on a lifelong path to self-empowerment. Not only that, I’ve become an advocate for all women to take back their power.

That’s why I’ve created the Activate Your Braveheart community. This playground is a place for all women to come to when they need more courage. When they feel like they need to find the Braveheart so they can stand strong in the world!

This community is about sisterhood. It’s about sharing. It’s about stepping into courage — individually as well as together.

Is This Community for You?

Do you fall into the bed at night so exhausted you can’t remember your head hitting the pillow? Or, maybe you have the opposite problem and can’t fall asleep after a long, hard day because you can’t stop worrying about all the things you DIDN’T get done…

Most women are nurturers. And, what happens with nurturers? They become so involved in taking care of everyone else that they don’t make enough time for themselves! If this sounds familiar, then this community is for you!

How about this scenario: You get a call from the middle school that your daughter just got whacked in the face with the volleyball, and now she has a wobbly tooth. You know she needs to go to the dentist to have it checked out, but you have an important meeting that you need to prepare for. You call your significant other, but he can’t help out because he has a meeting with his boss in ten minutes. What do you do?

If you’re like most women, you suck it up and leave the worries of your important meeting and take care of your daughter. And, while you’re on your way to school you wonder why your spouse ALWAYS has a meeting with his boss when something like this comes up. Not only are you carrying the bigger load, this brings up feelings of resentment and anger in your relationship. Not a good place to be! If this sounds familiar, then this community is for you!

What about this one? You have a staff of seven, and you care about the health and welfare of each of your employees. Unfortunately, one of them violates an ethics policy, and you have to fire her. But she’s a single mom with three kids at home, and you wonder how you could put someone like that out of a job. The stress and anxiety are eating you up but you know you have no choice. When you give your employee the bad news she becomes hysterical, and you have to call security to have her escorted out of the building. Now all of your other employees are giving you the cold shoulder because they think you are an unreasonable B _ _ _ _. When you go to bed that night you can’t go to sleep because you are filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt and frustration.

Women, let’s face it – we want everyone to be happy, and we want life to go smoothly. And when it doesn’t, we make it our personal responsibility to manage it hoping to make it all better. If this sounds familiar, then this community is for you!

Because it is high time you made time for YOU.


It’s high time you loved yourself FIRST and then cared for others.

It’s time to decide what you want your life to be like in the next year or five and start making decisions that support your path and not everyone else’s.

Join the Activate Your Braveheart community and become a part of the movement for moving yourself, and other well-intentioned women like you, to the front of the line. It’s time to connect with your inner wisdom and understand the path you are truly meant to walk during this lifetime. Once you know that, it’s all about finding that inner Braveheart and staying true to you. True to the self-nurturing love that will allow your highest, most serving self to unfold!

Like most things in life, courage doesn’t come from outside of ourselves; it comes from within. Let’s connect to that courage together and become a community of Bravehearts!

womenJoin the Activate Your Braveheart community and request your FREE Braveheart Transformation Kit. You’ll receive the ebook, 28 Questions to Transform Your Life as well as two audios to support your Braveheart journey.

You can also find our community of Bravehearts onFacebook and Twitter. I look forward to seeing you there!

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