Sheila Callaham

From the Series: Life on Dog Hill

I’ve always been willing to take a calculated risk, whether it was climbing high into a tree when I was six years old or leaving a secure, well-paying job to start my own business from scratch in my late 40s. My comfort with risk has created some discomfort for my husband, whose approach to risk is much more cautious. Over the years, we’ve learned to work with each other to meet in the middle when it comes to making big decisions that impact our lives.

Interestingly, the area where I have expressed resistance is in moving to a new location. The reason? I love where I’m living right now. I love the property, I love the home, I love the town, and it’s geographic location. Why would I consider moving when I am so in love with what I have?

Because… what if I found something I love even more?

Asking myself this question was a game changer because it shifted my focus away from my fear that I would never find anything as wonderful as what I have now, to the endless possibilities. Removing fear leaves room for excitement, adventure, and potential. It shifts me from a lack mindset (there could never be anything else like this) to an abundance mindset (I can’t wait to see what other possibilities exist).

This scenario is unfolding in my life because hubby would like a change. We both work from home, so we have the flexibility to move anywhere so long as we have wi-fi and secure phone line. The only other considerations to factor in are our thirteen-year-old son, who will be entering high school next fall, and our five dogs.

We started the search about a year ago in Florida. Found a house we thought would work and made an offer. No deal — we just couldn’t come to terms with the seller and the house is still on the market today.

For the last two months, we’ve shifted our focus to Texas and will be checking out several properties during an upcoming trip to celebrate hubby’s big 6-0! We’re looking in the hill country between Austin and San Antonio, areas with a strong high school and lots of extracurricular activities. We hope to find a home with at least a couple of acres, so our pooches will have plenty of room to run and play.

As I write this, I’m sitting at my desk on the second floor of our home looking out the window at the beautiful fall colors. I adore the writing view and always find inspiration from the trees.

I’m looking forward to our upcoming trip and exploration of a new space to live, play, and write. Hubby lived in Austin many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed his time there. Perhaps it’s time for me to see what Texas is all about. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we found the next “house of our dreams?”

Thoughts for Your Consideration

  • Do you have areas in your life where you fear change?
  • If so, can you identify the root cause of your fear?
  • What would it take for you to open yourself up to the possibility that change could bring you increased joy?

I’m all for that — how about you?

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