During the last two weeks I did something really fun and inspiring. I gave hour-long teleconferences for free just to inspire “would-be authors” to step toward their success as “published authors!”

As a success coach, I love inspiring others to create the life they truly desire. One BIG thing I’ve noticed since I published my book, Truth Runs Deep, is that so many people approach me and confide that they too want to write a book. They want to know how I found time to write, what process I used and what I think about eBooks versus print.

Being the natural coach that I am, I just had to respond to all these people I’ve met — and the hundred thousands more that I’ve yet to meet — who want to write a book. That’s why I created the free teleconference “Write Your Book!” I know what it feels like to want something or to think you want something, but to allow things to stand in between where you are and where you want to be. And, I’ve now talked to enough writers to know that the challenges I faced are the challenges that all writers face.

If you’d like to hear three of the top reasons why “would-be authors” never become “published authors” then you’ll want to listen to my seminar. Better yet, I share ways to get past these three road blocks to writing!

No matter if you’re just thinking about writing or maybe you’ve already got a manuscript underway, I hope you’ll click in and listen. Your future success might just need a little inspiration!

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