housework is evil

From the series: Life on Dog Hill

The month of April is my all-time favorite for national holidays and this year I’m taking these observances more seriously than ever before. For example, Sunday, 7 April is not only the official day of “no housework” but also “beer day” and I plan to ensure my husband and sons know all about them. No housework and all day beer? It can’t get better than that! Wait… Yes. It. Can. Congress recently amended these two national holidays to month-long observances! I wonder how long it will take before my family realizes I’m taking the month off from everything! Oh, and did I mention that April is also National Humor Month? Makes sense considering the hoo-rah that begins on April Fool’s Day.


Seriously though, April is jammed with great things to celebrate. In addition to no housework and beer, April is the month we also recognize frogs, volunteers and mathematics education. On a more serious note, April is the month we observe Autism Awareness, Child Abuse Prevention and Keep America Beautiful.

Never liked your name? Change it on April 9 in honor of Change Your Name day! Big Scrabble fan? Play all day on April 13, the official Scrabble Day! Want to clear your conscious? Why not come clean on April 30, National Honesty Day!

I confess that I’ve often thought these national holidays were a bit much but I’m working on expanding my horizons. After all, if you look hard enough you can find a holiday for practically anything. Trust me. Google a few of your favorite things and see if it has a national day of recognition. I googled National Dog Day and what do you know? August 26! National Coffee day? September 29. National Dance Day? December 30. All these days to party!

The best news yet? If you actually find a great topic that isn’t already observed, make it your claim to fame! As for me, I just popped the top on another beer and am writing a poem in honor of Poetry Reading Day on April 28. Here’s the first stanza:

The Brits across the pond are sleek

They celebrate “No Snoring Week”

In April, of course!


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