Innovation Resources

From the talk, Innovation from Diversity of Thought presented to the Triangle Society for Human Resource Management, Research Triangle Park, NC, April 2013.

Reports and White Papers




             Leading Through Connections, IBM, 2012




Becoming a Leader Who Fosters Innovation (Center for Creative Leadership)




Global Diversity & Inclusion: Fostering Innovation Through a Diverse Workforce (Forbes Insight)





Diversity as an Engine of Innovation, Deloitte





        Competitiveness at a Crossroads, HBA, Feb 2013  






Are You Solving the Right Problem, Harvard Business Review, September 2012




Diversity of Thought Should Trump Racial/Ethnic Approach, Teresa Taylor. Techflash, Dec. 2012

Don’t think about innovation like a CEO, John G. Olsen. Marketers Being Awesome, March 2013

How Reframing a Problem Leads to Innovation, Tina Seelig, Fastcodesign

How to Foster Innovation Through Diverse Work Groups, Eric Markowitz. Inc., Jan 2011 

Power’s of Ten Website

The Power of the CrowdSimon Schneider

The Surprising Reasons Why America Lost its ability to Compete, Steve Denning. Forbes, March 2013.

Thinking of Diversity of ThoughtSusan Woods. Cornell University, 2008 

Want Innovation? Diversify Thinking (Diversity Executive)

What is Collective 

List of open source innovation sites

Board of Innovation

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