Best of 2013Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about 2014. Having just finished writing the last book in my forthcoming young adult mystery trilogy, I’ll spend the first few months of the year preparing the series for publication. The new year also promises exciting travel opportunities, with a Disney cruise in March and a three-week European jaunt in June! You know that I’ll share my adventures, in addition to my weekly postings on self-empowerment, motivation, and writing. If you’re not already a subscriber, just enter your email to the right and you’ll receive a weekly notification of new posts.

As I reflect on the articles that readers most appreciated in 2013, I’m excited by the results. I write on lots of topics but the categories that generated the most traffic are the ones nearest and dearest to my heart. What topics did 2013 readers most appreciate? A little bit of everything — Inspiration/Motivation, How-To, Life on Dog Hill, Business, and Spirituality — and that gives me lots of material to write about.

Of the 52 articles I published last year on, here are the 2013 Top Five:

Five (More) Firework Worthy July Celebrations: As part of my inspirational series, I’m happy to know that readers most enjoyed this article about all the wonderful things we can celebrate — not just in July, but throughout the year. It begins by celebrating YOU!

The Key to Successful Indie Publishing: When I published crime fiction Truth Runs Deep in 2011, the publishing paradigm was at the early stages of its shift toward the indie market. This How To article addresses the publishing transformation and shares why traditional and indie author Scott Nicholson believes that indie is here to stay. Not only that, I include his must-do list to guarantee success. Nicholson released six mass-market paperbacks the traditional route before becoming a self-publisher. He’s hit the Amazon Kindle Top 100 quite a few times as an indie and this article reveals what got him there.

Drowning Piglet Dream Represents Need for Parental Respect: If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I occasionally write an article that falls into the series I call Life on Dog Hill. These articles reveal personal stories (often humorous) of life with hubby, kids, dogs, chickens, and our community. This article describes a dream I had after a big argument with one of my sons and the process I used to interpret it. It’s a process that works on any dream, so you can try it too!

Innovation from the Diversity of Thought: My background as a long-time diversity and inclusion practitioner plays itself out in many of my writing and speaking opportunities. This business How To article was adapted from a presentation I made to 75 human resource professionals.

Deepening the Spirit: Exercises to Connect You to Your Inner Divine: I have long believed that many readers are starving for something deeper than rhetoric. In this article I promised to share monthly articles in 2013 to help readers find what they are seeking by looking inward. This spiritual post launched the series with exercises for readers to practice.

Whether you just clicked by to read one article or you subscribe and read each weekly posting, I appreciate you and look forward to sharing another year of great writing. Stay current on all of my writing activities by subscribing to my blog (top right above) or by liking my author FaceBook page.

Here’s to a great year ahead!

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