It’s the time of year when I look back over my year of blogging and share with you the top blog posts for the year. I must confess, this is always an interesting process for me. For starters, I really like knowing what interests readers and I find it interesting how, every year, a posting made later in the year finds it’s way to the top. Yet another affirmation that the fall season is my most inspirational time of the year.

The 33 postings on over the last year cover a variety of topics. As my official author site, I post about the process of writing, publishing and in support of other writers. Two of my top three posts of the year fall under the writing category. The third top post falls into the category of “Life on Dog Hill” a collection of posts I share about my life with hubby Tom, kids, dogs and chickens. It’s basically snippets of my life in honest and open fragments of reality.

But, before I get to my top three list I have a confession. The absolute number one posting in 2012 is actually an article I posted in June, 2011. It was the number one hit last year too but I’ve decided to eliminate it this year because… well, I think the title brings hits that I really wasn’t expecting. The article, “Mom’s Pee” was written about a prank I pulled on my twin sons after one of them drank a large sweet tea that I had asked them to leave for me. It doesn’t leave a lot of guesswork as to the kind of viewers a story with this title brings to my site. All I have to do is look at the search terms in Google Analytics… eewwwwhhh!

To prove my point, I’ve decided to rename the Mom’s Pee story to “Mom’s Prank Teaches Kids Lesson.” And, while the story itself will still have the “pee” word, I’m hoping that the visitors I get will be more along the lines of my expectations versus the one’s with rather odd appetites…

Now, on to the top three blog postings for 2012:

Number 1:

Authors Tagging Authors: If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is! (Nov. 21, 2012)

This post proves that collaboration goes a long way. In this article I answer questions about Stories from Spirit, my newest book released earlier this month and I also “tag” six other authors to talk about their work. I had so much fun connecting with other writers across a variety of genres and all of us working together were able to introduce avid readers to new authors and their work.

Number 2: 

Want Your Children to Know You? Interview Yourself and Share! (Jan. 24, 2012)

I posted the first of this five-part series on the 10th birthday of my youngest son Ryan and posted an additional article in each of the four months following. I got the idea from one of my favorite blogging sites, Marc and Angle Hack Life.  When they posted 95 Question to Help you Find Meaning and Happiness I began to wonder if any of my kids knew how I might answer the questions. It made me realize a great opportunity for sharing more deeply who I am as their mother, as well as providing a great platform for sharing some of my philosophy on personal happiness. I had lots of fun with this one and, in the end, developed hundreds of life quotes that I tagged: Messages to my children. Part III in the series also made the top five list.

Number 3:

Celebrating Indie Writers Everywhere (Nov. 18, 2012)

This article celebrates the rebel in me and every other writer who is changing the paradigm of publishing. ‘Nuf said!

Runner up:

Husband (still) Angered by Salesman’s Insult (Aug. 27, 2012)

Everyone in my family knows that living with a writer means they will end up, at some some point, the subject of my writing. No one knows this better than my hubby, Tom. He’s a good sport about it though, which is good since most of my posts are poking fun at him. This one is no exception. *Smiles*

I also blog as a success coach. The top three coaching posts are:

Let Go of the Past and Focus on Your Perfect Future (June 18, 2012)

Collective Consciousness: The Power of One (Nov. 14, 2012)

Big or Small, There is Power in Miracles (Mar. 11, 2012)

Happy reading!


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