To 5At the end of each year, I’m always excited to see which of the posts on my blog at are the most popular amongst my readers. If I’m to write content that resonates with visitors, this information is critical. That’s why I always analyze reader trends before planning my content calendar for the year ahead.

Out of 50 blog posts in 2014, here’s what came out on top:

#5: This Trick for Living Longer Will Crack You Up, posted February 20

I love humor and apparently so do my readers. This post was inspired by one of my college-aged sons who was treated by a doctor at the school clinic. When he called a month later for a follow up, he learned that she was actually a gynecologist. His favorite line for some time afterwards was, “Yes, I need to make an appointment with my gynecologist.” Needless to say, it drew some odd stares. The post pokes a bit of fun at those who take life too seriously, and highlights the benefits of a good belly laugh. Yuck, yuck!

#4 FaceBook Did It Again and You’re Not Going to Like It, posted November 20

Of all the social media venues, Facebook is my least favorite, so when I learned that a post on my personal page was deleted for being too “promotional” I was pissed. As it turns out, Facebook was planning to implement stricter guidelines around what they considered promotional content in January, 2015, but apparently “practiced” implementation with the likes of me. My article was meant to inform Facebook users everywhere that they don’t have control over what they post on their pages — Facebook is the master of all. I’m delighted to see it made my Top 5 list!

#3 Grief Sucks, Life Goes On, posted October 30

This is the most personal post I’ve ever written and shared publicly. I pulled back the veil to my pain and suffering, and posted a story about devastating loss. But because I am always looking for the good in life, even through my grief I was able to see all for which I have to be grateful. It was heart-wrenching to write, but readers responded with care and support and I’m truly grateful.

#2 Teacher Gives Student F for Attempted Above and Beyond, posted 23 January

Ever since I was a newspaper journalist and before I ever had children, education has been important to me. Seven kids later, the youngest one now in middle school, it remains a topic of relevance. In this post, I write in detail about an interaction I had with one of my son’s teachers, and how she failed him for all the wrong reasons. Apparently I touched a nerve on both sides of the fence, as you’ll see from the reader comments.

With topics covering humor, social media, grief, and education (or lack thereof), you can see that I write about a lot of subjects. It should be no surprise that the #1 post of 2014 introduces yet another theme — aging.

Drumroll, please….

#1 Turning 50 and Feeling Fine, posted January 9

Posted in celebration of my 50th birthday, this post received the most hits by far. Sure it was one of the first posts for the year, but it garnered 15 percent more traffic than the number 2 post and almost three times more traffic than number 3. Here’s what I’m taking away: people want to feel good about aging! Because 61% of my web traffic comes from readers between 18 and 34 years old, I suspect they are curious about the aging process and hopeful that healthy living is foundational for healthy aging. Aging is a mindset, and I’m setting my mind to having fun along the way. Pop the cork!

What’s coming in 2015?

This year I plan to write about people who interest me. I’ve already lined up several interviews, and will soon introduce you to a medical doctor who specializes in helping people overcome addictions. He’s also an author and has published a work of fiction that incorporates many important lessons about addition. I’ll introduce you to a spiritualist who talks about our memories as lessons learned in this life that become the “treasures” we take with us when we die. And, I’ll introduce you to a woman in North Carolina who may have discovered a lost pyramid in Egypt three times the size of Giza, without ever leaving her desk.

I’ll continue to write posts to inspire you to take the world by storm and follow your dreams. I’ll write in the hopes of making you laugh. After all, as we know from my #5 post of the year, laughing makes you live longer! Finally, I’ll write about random life events, because I trust that nothing is really ever random.

Thanks for hanging out with me. I appreciate you!

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