This last year has been amazing! Not only was I certified as a Quantum Success Law of Attraction Coach, I launched my own success coaching business and have had wonderful client successes. I’ve also allowed my creativity to flow through blogging, podcasts and the creation of group coaching sessions such as Yes, You Can!

With 2011 now behind us and all the possibilities ahead in 2012, I thought it would be interesting to see which of the blog postings and podcasts that my readers have most enjoyed. Thanks to Google Analytics, it’s easy to see how visitors navigate the site and which pages are the top hits.

The theme for the top hits is an obvious one — readers are optimistic, hopeful and want to connect better to their own spirit as well as with each other. Now, that’s a nice trend!

And, the top three blog posting for 2011 are:

Setting achievable 2012 resolutions  (Dec. 11, 2011)

If I can write a book, you can too!  (Dec. 22, 2011)

Three steps to deepen the mind/body/spirit connection  (Aug. 29 2011)

I also blog aspects of my life with a busy family at The top three postings from that site are:

Mom’s Pee (June 27, 2011)

Why hire a plumber when you have Handy Woman (Nov. 28, 2011)

ABC’s challenge to buy American opened my eyes (Dec. 22, 2011)

Happy Reading!

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