Screenshot 2014-09-10 22.44.09This post is the second of three posts sharing my Top 10 learnings as a life coach. In this post, it’s all about the benefit of working with one!

I’ve had the good fortune to be on both sides of the coaching experience. So in sharing my top 10 list of benefits from hiring a coach, know that it represents both perspectives.

  1. My friend Shann Vann Leek wrote a fabulous article about self-love for Aspire Magazine titled You Deserve to Put Yourself at the Front of the Line. Not only does Shann talk about why putting yourself first is so important, she gives you three easy transformational tips on how to make a habit of doing it. Her article is spot on, so take a couple of minutes to read why it’s so important to put yourself first!
  2. In Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends & Influence People, his first two princiDale Carnegie How to Win Friends & Influence Peopleples in handling people are to avoid criticism, condemnation or complaining and to give honest and sincere appreciation for others. To perform these two principles consistently, one must first learn to look for the good in life. Not only will this practice help you win friends and influence others, it will also allow you to go through life feeling much happier! Coaches know how to help you shift your line of thinking — reprogram your mind, so to speak, so that your default is set on “find what’s right” rather than “find what’s wrong.”
  3. I wrote about gratitude in last week’s post, and I include it again here because so many people don’t realize the power of expressing authentic gratitude. The beauty in expressing gratitude, even for the smallest thing, is that it builds upon itself. I can’t think of a better role model than Oprah to explain how this works. Click here to watch her short video What Oprah Knows About the Power of GratitudeIt’s only a few minutes, say go on, have a listen!
  4. Quote by Author Sheila CallahamOne of the most powerful benefits I received from working with a  life coach was learning why all emotions are good — even the ones that feel yucky. How we feel serves as our “emotional guidance system,” alerting us to when we are not in balance and harmony with our authentic self or deeper wisdom. If you feel depressed going to work every day because your manager suppresses your creativity, that’s your emotions telling you that you are not in alignment with your expressive self. When you are not in alignment, actively seek change so that you can feel better. Sometimes, however, our yucky feeling emotions stem from baggage that we continue to carry with us which brings us to our next benefit.
  5. Last summer I wrote the article Let Go of Your Past and Focus on Your Perfect Future. Here I outline five ways to release the baggage holding you back. I find that when working with clients who feel a lot of anger, there is typically something in their past that keeps coming up for them. Once you discover the cause of your yucky feelings, then you can make a conscious effort release the baggage responsible for it. Coaches are trained to ask powerful questions that aid in your reflection and identification of emotional baggage you’re carrying around.
  6. Caroline Myss, internationally renowned medical intuitive and author of several bCarolyn Myss The Language of Archetypesest selling books, makes a clear distinction between fate and destiny in The Language of Archetypes. Fate is caving under fear and relinquishing life into the hands of others. It is, she says, selling our soul for the safety of what’s known. Destiny, however, is the willingness to go with the unknown to create the life you truly desire. The Secret (pun intended!) to creating your desired future is is first to get very clear on what you want, and then visualize yourself already receiving it, connecting to how it feels to have already achieved what you desire, and finally appreciate every small step in the right direction! Coaches know how to facilitate this thinking in their sleep!
  7. What you think about yourself, you become. End of story. Don’t like how you think and feel about yourself? Hire a life coach!
  8. There is simply no end to the possibilities for the abundance of joy, love, pleasure, excitement, discovery, wonder, amusement, and laughter if you are looking for it. In this way, abundance is your birthright. It’s up to you to claim it. Coaches show you how.
  9. Perception is a powerful tool. How you perceive yourself is projected to everyone around you — whether you realize it or not. When you appreciate yourself more, respect yourself more, extend more patience and kindness to yourself, that will shift your self-perception in subtle ways that will be noticed by others. Your inner reality is projected outside of yourself.
  10. Have you ever met anyone who remained calm when you were about to blow? If so, you’ve probably met an expert in the art of allowing — the acceptance of a person or circumstance as he/she/it is. I can’t think of anyone better than Christy Whitman to explain the Law of Allowing in this short video and how you can benefit from practicing it every day!

There are many benefits to hiring a life coach, and I’ve just skimmed the surface. If you are considering working with a life coach, one thing to keep in mind is the many different kinds of coaches including leadership coaches, relationship coaches (both work and personal), spiritual coaches, success coaches… and so forth. Most coaches offer a complimentary session which I would highly recommend. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself in 30 minutes. Better yet, there’s no cost or commitment! Why wouldn’t you do that?!

Remember, a coach will push you — that’s their job — and if they are doing a good job, they may even make you a little uncomfortable. A good coach will point out where they see you tripping yourself up, so you must be open and willing to receive feedback.

Becoming a life coach has been rewarding for me. Not only have I made a personal transformation, I have had the honor of working with many others in their transformation as well. If you are curious about life coaching click here to watch five free training videos that Christy created to help you better understand if life coaching is right for you.

If you are looking for a coach, what benefit do you want to take away? And, if you are a coach, what are some of the benefits your clients have expressed as their takeaways?

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