Tom’s Pilgrimage

One Man. Two months. 500 miles on foot…

Hi Everyone!

Because I needed a better way to record Tom’s journey, and since some of you wanted to leave comments (which would be great), I’ve moved Tom’s pilgrimage to his own webpage and blog!

Thanks to Nate for hosting it and saving us a few hundred bucks!

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22 September 2018

The dormitory in Roncesvalles, the same as the dorm scene from the movie “The Way.” It’s been fixed up since the filming took place. Last night there was a mass in the town, with two bishops and four priests present to deliver. “I need to make some major improvements in my Spanish!” says Tom.


Tom begins the day at 7:15.

A lot of today’s walk was rocky, just like this forest path.

Most Camino signposts have rocky mounds. This was one of the best so far.



Bridge in Zubiri.

Street in Zubiri, where Tom will stay tonight. He walked 21 km today!
















21 September 2018: Day of Remembrance

Sunrise from Orisson.


Given that this part of the trail is very rigorous, Tom sent his heavy backpack ahead, keeping only the lighter one for the trek. “I made a very smart decision,” he reported. This picture was taken when he was still in France. 



Col de Lepoeder, Spain is the highest spot along the way. The Lepoeder Pass, Lepoeder Pass or Lepeder Pass, or Collado Lepoeder in Spanish, is the name given to a historic Pass pass of the Pyrenees, in its western end, near the Franco-Spanish border.


The road was apparently “full of poop!” Moooo!


New stamps in his pass.

Sheep cheese.

Tonight’s hostel in Roncesvalles. He’s now traveled 25.1 km (15.6 mi) through steep hills and mountains.









20 September 2018







After two days of travel, Tom’s Camino experience begins with the first stamp on his pass in St. Jean Pied-de-Port, France. Day one on the Camino got him to Orisson and he was very happy.

Day one was fifty times harder than I anticipated!


18 September 2018

This is Tom’s backpack. It’s wrapped in plastic so the straps don’t get caught on anything! With his bag checked, he’s ready to go through security and board his flight to Chicago, then onto London, and finally Madrid. Once in Madrid, he’ll board a bus to Pamplona, then a second bus to Jean Pied de Port, France where he will stamp his pass and begin the walking portion of his journey. There are two ways to begin the Camino from here — the Napolean route through the mountains, or the Valcarios route which is flatter. He hasn’t decided which way he’ll go yet and has reservations at his first hostile on both routes.

17 September 2018


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