Marita Rahlenbeck:

As part of my growing collection of resources to help you create the life you truly desire, I’m so pleased to offer my free podcast with spiritual counselor Marita Rahlenbeck. In my interview with Marita, she shares her deep wisdom on the power of asking questions to evolve your spirit, and more importantly, learning how to step out of the questions and into the answers.

As a spiritual counselor who can divine what’s not being said, Marita has an uncanny gift in helping people recognize their own inner knowing by cutting through the outside behaviors and developing laser focus on the internal emotional causes that keep people stuck.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why me? Why am I here?” then you will love this interview!

My favorite part of this interview?  Knowing that there really is no right or wrong path to choose in life, only different choices — each of which provides the opportunity for our own personal growth and development.

To hear this free podcast, go to my Members Only tab and click on the link provided. Run time: 14 minutes 26 seconds.

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