October is a spooky month so my posts will be about the things that frighten us and what we can do to turn overcome the fear. What scares you most?

Think about it. What is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you’ve endured? Chances are, it involved change that you didn’t think you wanted. Maybe a relationship went sour or you lost your job. While these situations fill you with stress and emotional pain, in hindsight you can often see the good that resulted. Meeting the love of your life with whom you share a family or getting a job you enjoy in an industry you never considered working in before. Isn’t if funny how change works?

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is making her way up the east coast and it’s not looking pretty. Already, she’s caused tremendous damage and loss of life. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing all he can to prepare residents of New York City for impact.  “You don’t want to be over panicked and overly prepared, but you want to be prudent and do what’s necessary,” Cuomo said. Interesting, that’s great advice to follow in life too.

Storms occur when the elements are just right. For Hurricane Sandy, she’s already been described as the perfect storm. In your personal life, mindfulness of your actions and feelings provide “storm” indicators that you need to predict opportunities for change. How do you really feel about your partner? Are you compromising who you are to be with him or her or is the relationship enhancing your true authenticity? Have you been feeling like you weren’t in the right job for a while and just ignoring the feelings?  Chances are that if you are ignoring the messages your inner spirit is trying to communicate, your change will be more like the perfect storm in which you are inclined to panic rather than the storm in which you are prepared — even eager — to face.

Following Governor Cuomo’s advice, here are five steps to help you be prudent and do what’s necessary so that you can best manage any storms in your life.

  1. Listen to your heart/gut/dreams. However your intuitive feelings vent, know that those messages are meant to be heard, not swept under the carpet.
  2. Talk about your feelings with loved ones. Sometimes you just need to hear yourself say the words to hear their truths. Sharing with someone who loves and supports you reinforces your belief in yourself to make the right decisions.
  3. Embrace change as a new and exciting opportunity. Change is inevitable so the more comfort you learn to have with it, the easier and more manageable it will become.
  4. Look for ways to be in front of change so that you can better direct where it takes you. As Governor Cuomo says, “…be prudent and do what’s necessary.”
  5. Practice gratitude. When you see the rainbow during the storm, you’re in a good place mentally and emotionally. If you look for the little pieces of good in every piece of change, chances are all the little pieces could add up to a big chunk of great luck!

As for Hurricane Sandy and all those in her path, our collective mindfulness may be invisible but I’m convinced its force should not be underestimated.


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