star-picture copyI once dreamed I was in a black void. I had awareness but no form. I simply was. In this awareness I knew I was not alone; rather, I was part of something greater. I waited patiently for whatever came next.

Suddenly, I shot across the void as a ball of light, like a star shooting across the night sky. I had awareness of other spirit forms traveling with me as sparks of light — together, yet separate. In this moment, I came into the understanding that we were sparks of the divine sent forth to incarnate in human form.

We traveled through the blackness at great speed until the earth came into view. Then slowly our paths separated, each light moving toward a different part of the earth. Beneath me a vacant field rushed forward. I flew past an old oak tree, naked of leaves, and wondered if I would be caught in the branches. Then I saw her – a woman, walking across the field away from me. Her long, blond hair hung down as she stepped through the high grass in her flowing dress. I rapidly approached her and, as the spark of divine that I was, my essence passed through her lower back and we became one.

At the moment of entry I awoke with a start. Lying in bed, wide-eyed, I felt warm tears streaming from my eyes. I had just been gifted a beautiful knowing from spirit, a glimpse into the birth of a soul, the origin of life as we know it. In this mystical dream, spirit confirmed for me that we all derive from the same source. We all travel across a vast cosmos to incarnate into human form.

This powerful dream came to me after several years of dedicated spiritual practice that began in January, 2007 when I took my first major exploratory step with a visit to a local Shaman, Mary Phyllis Horn. From Mary Phyllis, I learned the single most powerful spiritual practice I have ever known — the practice of spirit journeying. Spirit journeying allows me to release my mind and to simply be. In doing so I have run as a wolf, flown as an eagle and blown as the wind.

My years of journeying have connected me with the universe, confirming that my daily physical experience is lived in a state of learned limited thinking. The life we are truly meant to live doesn’t need an explanation.

I believe this dream was a mystical, magical gift reassuring me that my curiosity and pursuit of deeper spiritual wisdom was within reach. In fact, it was already a part of me, already programmed into my knowing. I only had to turn inward and connect deeply with my inner divine, the wise woman within.

What mystical, magical dreams have touched your life?

From the intro “Stories from Spirit.”

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