What do you predict on 21 12 12?

There has been lots of speculation over the Mayan calendar ending on 21 December 2012; it certainly makes for an interesting time to be alive! As for the question about the world ending, I must share with you my take on the subject: I believe the old Mayan calendar maker fell off of his stool and died of a heart attack; and, no other Mayan wanted his job. After all, everyone else already had calendar apps on their My-phones!

Jokes aside, I tend to believe that, for whatever reason, the Mayans decided “enough already with the calendars!” But that doesn’t mean I don’t read with great interest what others think of 21 December 2012.

It seems that many spiritualists believe it to be a moment in time when we begin an evolutionary leap as a human race. If that is indeed what occurs, that’s gotta be good. Who wouldn’t want to be around to see that incredible moment in Earth history?

Another psychic medium explained that with the increasing tilt of the earth reaching its maximum on 21 December, a formerly inactive strand of human DNA will become “activated” enabling humans to function at a higher level than ever imagined. If that is what occurs, sounds great to me!

I avoid reading any gloom, doom end of the world thinking because those words don’t resonate with me. I do not believe in fear-based messages so I refuse to read them. Not only that, I simply don’t believe the world will end in one fell-swoop on any given day.

One theory I rather liked was presented by shaman and interfaith minister MaryPhyllis Horn. She believes that when the Mayans peered into the future that the visions became unreadable when they got to 21 December 2012. She described it like looking into a broken mirror and only seeing fragments of an overall image and suggested that the future is up to us to decide. You can download her complete prophecy interpretation by clicking on 2012, A Different View of Mayan Prophecy from this page.

Whatever dimensional, evolutional transformational stage this world enters on Friday, 21 December 2012, I am ready! I plan to start the day just like every other: get the kids out of bed and off to school and then, after a cup of tea, sit down for a nice, long meditation. There, from my cushion, I will lift my thoughts and connect to the energies of all the other people meditating from their cushions and walking paths to blend into a state of collective consciousness. Whatever may be happening in the world around me, I’ll be in my feel-good space.

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