Julia Neiman, Founder, Transform for Life: www.julianeiman.com

Teaching spirituality to children allows them to discover their own real essence and find their connection to something greater than themselves, according to Julia Neiman, Founder of Transform for Life and Executive Director of Group Home Consultants.

In my interview with Julia, we explore many exciting topics to include:

1) the connection between spirituality and religion

2) the biggest mistake that parents might make in teaching spirituality to children and how to avoid it

3) how parents can continue to embed spirituality into daily living, even when kids are at the age when it’s suddenly “uncool,” with ten suggestions for activities to expand spiritual awareness

Julia graciously shares her wisdom and experience with children gathered during an impressive eighteen year professional career covering autism, the terminally ill and foster care. Spirituality, at it’s core, played a major role throughout.

Here’s a short clip:

What do you mean when you use the word spirituality?

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I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me how you teach your children to be their fully, authentic spiritual selves!

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