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I love delivering a relevant, content-rich presentation that leaves people feeling informed and motivated to take action.

A regular contributor to Forbes, Sheila Callaham is a longtime communication and diversity, equity, and inclusion professional with over a decade of public speaking experience. Her appearances offer research-based content presented in a story-telling fashion that leaves listeners motivated to take action.

Sheila is available to consult and speak globally on a variety of topics and welcomes audiences of any size for presentations, interactive training, and workshops that can be customized as needed.

Speaker Sheila Callaham

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Building an Age-Inclusive Workplace
  • Innovating Through Diversity of Thought
  • Recognizing and Shifting Unconscious Bias
  • Mutual Mentoring as a Tool for Organizational Growth
  • Building an Innovative, Multigenerational Workforce

People & Team Management

  • Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Asking Powerful Questions to Resolve Conflict
  • Enhancing Individual & Team Productivity
  • Mutual Mentoring as a Tool for Organizational Growth

Health & Happiness

  • Becoming the CEO of Your Life
  • Identifying and Staying Focused On Your Goals (when everything seems doomed)
  • Activating the BraveheartTM Model to Transform Your Life


  • Benefits of Writing a Book (even if you don’t publish)
  • Five Must-Dos Before You Write Your Book
  • Building an Author Community

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