The hard knocks that life sometimes dishes out are the biggest hurdles in our ability to live up to our full potential, according to success coach Shawn Anderson. It’s those times that we really have to dig down and rediscover our belief in ourselves.

“Life happens and when it hurts we lose our ability to dream, take action and we allow rejection to stop us in our tracks,” Shawn says. “Relationships suffer, our career suffers and worst of all, we don’t live up to our full potential.”

In my third and final podcast with Shawn, he shares why it’s so important to pick yourself up off the mat after you’ve been knocked down. Not only will you find empowerment in the act of refusing failure, you’ll inspire those around to never give up.

Since 2009, Shawn has worked endlessly to motivate those who are down and out and to recognize the heroes everywhere who have made extraordinary comebacks. Not only that, he’s written several books outlining exactly how to do it.

It’s all in what you allow yourself to think and if you are willing to chose the life you want or let life chose for you, Shawn explains. When you realize that the thing sitting on your shoulders is nothing but a computer, you’ll start thinking about programming your mind to overcome defeat and live the life you love.

In this podcast, Shawn explains how his own state of mind is created and how he is influenced by the people he meets and the books he reads. “I like to meet inspirational people because they inspire me,” he says. “Then I take their powerful message and share it with others.”

Shawn Anderson pulls out all the stops to motivate and empower you to accept whatever challenge you may have and make life what you want it to be.

“Maintaining positive thinking helps get you through life,” Shawn says.  “It’s about what you choose to believe that makes the difference.”

Want to get your positive power on? Just listen in! (Run time: 12 minutes, 55 seconds)

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