Have you ever felt lucky to meet someone? That’s how I feel about meeting entrepreneur Shawn Anderson, the self-made millionaire turned success coach, motivational speaker and philanthropist. I featured Shawn in an earlier podcast talking about the Extra Mile America Foundation that he founded in 2010.

Today’s podcast is all about inspiration! It’s about never believing you are a victim of circumstance. It’s about knowing that, unless you are willing to take a chance on something new, nothing will ever change.

In his role as a success coach, Shawn focuses on helping people dream, plan and actively seek a life they love.

“A success coach doesn’t give advice,” says Shawn. “They listen to the dreams of the client and then help them create a plan with baby steps toward their goal.” More importantly, Shawn explains, success coaches hold people accountable because sometimes people just need a little extra nudge.

Don’t know what you really want? No problem, says Shawn. Simply think about what makes you happy; what makes you smile.

“It’s in those happy moments that we can find what really turns us on about life,” Shawn says. “Goals and dreams that make us smile on the inside are goals that we can aspire toward.”

In this podcast, Shawn does what he does best – inspires! But it’s not sugar-coated, it’s straight talk.

So, if you’ve ever been knocked down and lost faith in yourself, you’ll want to listen to this podcast with Shawn Anderson. If you want to create passion in your life, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. If you want to know what you have to do to live up to your truest potential, it’s all right here in this podcast with Shawn Anderson.

Want to feel inspired? We’d love to have you join us! (Run time: 14 minutes, 59 seconds)

If you missed the first podcast with Shawn, you can listen here: Extra Mile America

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