North Georgia Corn Maze

At the North GA Corn Maze, Ryan holds a seven-day-old goat as his cousin Hannah watches. Click the image for the video of our fun!

From the series: Life on Dog Hill

When was the last time you made a spontaneous decision to let go of it all and take a road trip? For many of you, I bet it was college or even high school. There’s just something about the responsibility of adulthood that sometimes makes a last minute road trip sound a little too — how shall I say — irresponsible. Ba-hah! Well, do I have news for you! Cutting loose the strings of adult responsibility and tossing the old “must do” list aside, is a great way to relieve stress and recharge your creativity. That’s why I was delighted to take a road trip to the North Georgia Corn Maze to visit with family and have tons of fun.

Last Thursday morning I received a text from my brother John in north Georgia, inviting me and my sister Michelle (in Alabama) to visit. Family get-togethers are infrequent, so this was an exciting possibility. I took a peek at my calendar and quickly realized all of the commitments already in place between now and Thanksgiving. The only time I could visit was the coming weekend or the middle of November. My bro let me know that the upcoming weekend would be best, and the race was on. You know, the race to get everything done so I could take off the ball and chain and go.

Although I invited hubby and three of my sons, everyone had to work, save my 12-year-old Ryan. Undeterred, Ryan and I packed our weekend bag and took off early Saturday morning to make the 350 mile trip to Cleveland, Georgia. Specifically, to the North Georgia Corn Maze, which my brother and his business partner conceived some years ago.

The weather was perfect for jumping on hay bales and finding our way through the corn maze. All of these adventures were heightened when the light faded from the day. That’s when the spooks came out at the haunted house up the hill — not for little people or big people (like me) who don’t like frightening visions. Of course, I did it anyway!

The North Georgia Corn Maze is a great place for family fun. They offer movies under the stars, bonfires for marshmallow roasting and s’more making, a kiddie corner with slides, bouncing houses, a corn pit, and baby goats, hayrides, and concessions.

Even though my sister didn’t get to join us, Ryan and I had a blast hanging out with my brother and his family as this haunted video shows.

If you are looking for great family fun, head to the North Georgia Corn Maze!

Road trip anyone?

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