Active_brainYour brain is a computer. And, like any other computer, there are glitches that make it less than perfect. When it comes to your life and moving in the direction you really want to go, these four brain traps equate to nothing less than loops and faulty programming getting in the way of your success.

Gap Mentality: Gap mentality is when you only see the gap between where you are and where you want to be. When you are only focused on the gap, there is a tendency to only see the perceived challenges in front of you. It’s a common dilemma resulting in a feeling of “being stuck” and not knowing what to do. You can overcome gap mentality by celebrating small victories along the way. Remember, life is a process and the road to achievement starts with the first step!

Fear of Change: It is very common to know what you want but it gets a little scary when it comes to actually making life changes to make your dream become a reality. Change is scary and transformative change can seem so “big” that it can feel paralyzing. The first and most important step to overcoming fear of change is recognizing the fear and then devising a change plan to help alleviate it. Any kind of change feels uncomfortable at first but stepping out of your comfort zone is good! That’s what it takes to go to the next level. It all begins with the first step!

Crossroads Confusion: There are times when you come to a junction that requires a decision. Sometimes there are lots of options and often times you may feel “stuck” if you are uncertain about “what to do next.” Sometimes crossroads confusion is tied to fear because you may be afraid of making the “wrong” decision — especially when the decision has the potential to be life changing. Close your eyes and visualize your achievement of each of the options in front of you. Imagine how you feel once you’ve attained your desire. Experience each option as fully as possible. Did one visualization resonate with you more than another? If so, that’s your inner wisdom suggesting the best way forward.

Breaking Habits that don’t Serve You: We all have bad habits, but one of the most destructive is negative self talk. For example, if you miss a deadline you might say something like, “I’m a total failure!” Or, if you neglect to exercise for the fourth week in a row you might say something like, “I hate myself for being lazy.” Negative self talk is a reflection of your self perception. How you perceive yourself is projected to every one around you — whether you recognize it or not. When you appreciate yourself more, respect yourself more, extend more patience and kindness to yourself, that love shifts your self perception in subtle ways that will be noticed by others.

If your brain is in a negative loop, check to make sure you are not suffering from any of these four viruses. Negative loops can be broken with simple reprogramming. Celebrate the little victories. Recognize and work through fear. Visualize future options. And most importantly, love and respect yourself each and every day!

Sheila Callaham is an author, motivational speaker and certified success coach. Sign up to receive a complimentary 30-minute coaching session.

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