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Perspectives + Intentions + Choices = Attitude

Have you ever met anyone who seemed to talk only about the things they didn’t like? These are the folks who suck the positive energy out of every room they enter. Have you ever wondered why they choose to focus on the bad, instead of the good? Do you want to ensure you are never perceived as chronically negative? Part of the solution boils down to the three components of this pyramid.

The foundation of the pyramid is all about the perspectives you have formed about life, work, family, etc. Many of us carry similar ideas and perspectives as our parents or childhood role models. The perspectives we have influence where we see ourselves fitting into the big picture of life. Our perspectives help formulate our intentions or goals. These ideas about what we hope to achieve feed into the daily choices we make. The impact of these components colors our attitude.

Chronically negative people are downbeat, defeatist, and cynical. Their negativity often is rooted in beliefs cultivated during their formative years. For example, parents who believe that everyone is out to cheat them will cultivate that belief in their children. Or it can be an expression resulting from a difficult experience in one’s life, such as anger toward a specific group or organization for which one feels victimized.

On the other hand, people whose perspectives are upbeat, optimistic, and hopeful are most likely to have been exposed to these attitudes, if not by their immediate family, then by pivotal role models. Likewise, they have been taught or have learned along the way, how to process contention or disappointment so that it does not become accumulated baggage weighing down on their expression of happiness.

Here’s the bottom line — you have power to choose what you think, how you feel, and with whom you spend your time. The power of choice is alive and well in your life. So when it comes to perspectives — how you perceive yourself and the world around you — that, too, is a choice. How do you feel about your life? What do you think of the people you spend the majority of your time with? Is your glass half-empty, or half-full? It all depends on your perspective; and the way you view the world is up to you.

Happiness is about choosing to acknowledge the foundation of your attitude pyramid. It’s about considering the thoughts, ideas, and opinions that define you, and deciding if that is a true reflection of who you want to be. If not, you can choose to open your heart to new perspectives.

Happiness is about choosing to distance yourself from judgment of yourself and others. It’s about setting an intention that allows you to express the good-feeling experiences and emotions in your life. Happiness is about choosing, every day, to live with heart-filled joy. To quote writer and educator William W. Purkey:

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

Only you can choose happiness for yourself; no one else can package it and hand it over. What must you release to make space for heaven on earth?

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