What a cutie pie!

From the series: Life on Dog Hill

In celebration of my youngest son’s eleventh birthday, I let him sleep late while I contemplated what to make for breakfast. On school mornings, the normal menu is oatmeal, cereal or a bagel with creme cheese. But today’s too special for routine!

By the time I decided on pancakes and forfeited the comfort of my warm bed, it was later than expected. Hurriedly, I rushed downstairs to mix batter and heat the grill. With the first two pancakes cooking I rushed back upstairs to wake the b-day boy!

What! I wasn’t the first one to extend wishes on this special day? Apparently, his three older brothers woke him the moment the clock struck midnight — jumping on his bed and flashing the light on and off. Brothers! Let’s not even go into why they weren’t already in BED on a school night. I digress…

  • Sleeping in on a cold winter day
  • Homemade pancakes with Nutella and bananas
  • Nutella on crackers secretly placed in his lunch box for a snack surprise
  • Personal chauffeur to school instead of riding the cold bus (I confess we were a few minutes late)

I’d say life is pretty good for this eleven year old. As for me, it will be a busy day. Heading to the grocery store to buy birthday boy’s requested dinner ingredients: bangers and mash with gravy and crepes with strawberries, blueberries and — you guessed it — Nutella.

This is a boy who knows what he likes and, according to him, Nutella makes birthday’s even better. That’s a good thing too because I just ordered a case of that stuff from Amazon. Hope it gets here in time to wrap and bring out with the cake: an orange and chocolate ribbon cake smothered in Nutella and Butterfinger crumbles!

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