From the series: Life on Dog Hill

I’m not sure what possessed me to think that getting the kids back in school would give me more time for writing. After this first week, I can only hope that the following weeks won’t be so hectic.

Highlights of the week were the traditional photos on the first day of school, my collie Toby getting his desperately needed bath, feeding the varsity soccer team twice and attending their two winning games. Then there was an orthodontist appointment, having the upholstery cleaned, finding out the microwave was beyond repair and would have to be replaced (stifle scream here), two trips to the grocery store, cooking, cleaning and paying the bills…

Time to institute the “practice what I preach” policy. I’m making time for writing, just like I coach other authors to do. Carving time out, I am, with full intentions of enforcement. I’ve decided that over this Labor Day weekend, I’m locking myself in my office and putting a sign on my door that reads, “Do NOT disturb. Writing in progress!”

I mentioned the sign idea to my 23 year old son Nate and he laughed. Really hard. Then he told me what I already knew: everyone would be lined up outside my door, knocking gently and conversing with me through the wood. He’s right, of course.

Note to self: amend sign to read, “Do NOT disturb. Writing in progress. Writer cannot hear you because she is wearing headphones and playing inspirational music very loud.”

It makes for a rather long sign but I’m crossing my fingers that it works. I just won’t be holding my breath…

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