Okay, Moms, this is ALL about you!

Being a mom myself, I know how easy it is to put everyone and everything else first. So, let me ask you this: Are you creating the life you truly desire when you put yourself last?

Yes, it’s important to love and nurture our family, but we have to love ourselves first. That’s why I’m offering moms a chance to win free enrollment to my 18 June, day-long seminar: Yes, you can! Overcoming obstacles to create the life you desire.

“This day is going to be amazing,” says Leah Moretz, life coach and co-facilitator for the class. “Creating the life you truly desire is not just about understanding what you want in life and what you perceive as obstacles; it’s about learning to deal effectively with those challenges and creating a strategic action plan for success.”

One of the many benefits includes the support you receive from other participants. A small, safe classroom environment helps you realize that most people long for the same things: rewarding work, meaningful relationships and balance.

The value of this gift, including the automatic enrollment in a series of four weekly, hour-long teleconferences designed to keep you moving toward your dream, is $269! This IS going to be an amazing day and I can’t wait to announce which wonderful mom will be there for FREE!

Dads? Are you feeling left out? Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance in June!

Please sign up for the chance to enter for free enrollment for the 18 June seminar “Yes, you can!

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