Leah Carey, The Miracle Journal

For the last couple of months, I’ve been on a miracle journey with Leah Carey, creator of The Miracle Journal, a blog dedicated to recording and sharing daily miracles. While I’ve been good to recognize the “big” miracles in my life, I’ve learned that there is real power in recognizing and acknowledging miracles both big and small.

In this podcast, Leah and I continue our conversation with a focus on miracles found in lost relationships and the importance of learning to be your own soulmate. You’ll hear why miracles are easily overlooked and the simple step you can take to see miracles every day. Finally, we’ll talk about the one personality trait that can blind us from daily miracles — and this one may surprise you!

This podcast takes the listener to spaces of vulnerability and emotional restraint. It demonstrates how sitting in moments of discomfort and sadness can birth the miracle of closure and moving on to the next great thing.

Won’t you join us and manifest your next miracle?

Listen to the podcast! (Run time: 14 minutes, 59 seconds)

If you missed the first podcast with miracle coach Leah, you can listen here: Big or small, there is power in miracles. (Run time: 14 minutes, 58 seconds)

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