Love Yourself FirstFinally, in my fiftieth year, I have accepted and relaxed into the comfort of knowing who I am and what really makes me happy. Moreover, I’m no longer willing to sacrifice my own happiness for the happiness of others. While some may think this selfish, I insist it’s a simple matter of self-love — the first step to living joyfully.

Experience has shown me, hands down, that when I love and care for myself first, it is so much easier to care for others. When I love and care for myself first, I feel happier and that happiness is felt by others. When I love and care for myself first, living each and every day becomes much more rewarding because my spirit is not left wanting.

Getting to this place of love and comfort required me to examine what brings me the greatest joy so I could make those aspects of my life most prominent. By spending my time being with the people I love most and doing activities I find most fulfilling, my spirit found comfort and my heart filled with joy. To accomplish this required shifting my priorities so I could nurture my needs and that meant making significant life changes. While change is not always easy at first, it always gets easier. For me, the rewards have been truly amazing. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I am in a wonderful space and it’s all because I put myself first.

Here are a few things that rock my world and I make sure to enjoy each of them every single day!

  • Being the wife to my wonderful, loving husband.
  • Being a mother/step-mother to seven wonderful kids.
  • Spending quiet time in nature.
  • Playing with my dogs.
  • Laughing out loud. Really hard!
  • Writing down all the words whirling around in my head, heart and spirit.
  • Making a positive difference in the life of others.

Are you looking for more joy in your life? If so, ask yourself this important question, “What makes me feel most happy?” Whatever the answer may be, do more of it! If I can find a life of happiness, I know you can too.

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