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Confession: I’ve spent uncountable hours over the last month watching television. Everything on my priority list, including the upcoming publication of my young adult adventure trilogy, was made second to one thing — the FIFA World Cup.

Having just watched Argentina defeat the Netherlands in the last semi-final, I admit I was biting my fingernails for ninety minutes before the game went into two fifteen minute overtimes. Afterwards, when the score remained 0 – 0, it was time for the dreaded penalty shots. The Netherlands kicked first and was unsuccessful. First up for Argentina was Lionel Messi, the team captain. I loved the comment from the announcer just moments before Messi sank the first penalty shot deep into the net, spiking excitement for Argentina, and adding increasing pressure to the Netherlands team.

“Likely is One Thing, Messi is Another.” 

This statement was made in the context that most players were predictable, except Messi. Which got me to thinking, how predictable am I and is that a good thing or a bad thing?

So I texted my husband, who was traveling.

Me: I’m working on my blog posting and I have a related question for you: Am I predictable?

Hubby: I am able to predict you better these days. More predictable than unpredictable.

Me: In what ways am i predictable?

Hubby: You yell at boys then give in.

Hubby: You make quick decisions without looking at prices.

Hubby: You like being hippy.

Me: I have a reliable warning system.

Me: I don’t get hung up on technicalities.

Me: Love, peace and happiness.

Hubby: So I just have to think: What would a hippy do?

His response made me smile. Rather accurate on all counts. Next I texted my son Nate who, of the seven kids, knows me best.

Me: Quick question related to my latest blog post I’m working on…. Am I predictable?

Nate: Sometimes, I think we all are. Like… I might have to call you multiple times because you’ve left your phone in some random place.

Me: Ha!

Nate: I know that you will be playing piano and singing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving.


Nate: I know that you will always support me.

Me: Indeed!

Nate: I can’t predict when you will adopt a new dog…

Me: That last dog was NOT ME!!!!

Nate: Lol! yeah I know.

I realize there is comfort in predictability when it comes to family and friends. It feels good knowing that you can be authentic and bring your whole self into the room every day. It is empowering to openly share your opinion, knowing your words will be received with the intention meant. Who doesn’t want to be forgiven their shortcomings? Even little things like misplacing your phone on a daily basis. It’s all good.

Likely is one thing when it comes to building and maintaining healthy relationships — trust, good communications, and mutual support. Messi is another when it comes to winning a world cup game and not giving away to the goalie where you plan to put your shot.

Likely is one thing when it comes to building good habits that support your daily happiness — meditation and prayer, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly. Messi is another when it comes to being playful and spontaneous.

Two great things came out of my spending another afternoon watching soccer:

  1. The team I wanted to play Germany in the final won!
  2. I learned that when hubby wants to know how I will respond he simply asks himself, “What would a hippy do?”

Big smiles all the way around.

My smile will be even bigger when I watch Germany defeat Argentina in the World Cup finals on Sunday! Sorry Messi, the love ends here…


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