QSCA1-05_254x332I remember saying to myself in my 20’s that I wanted to be a novelist. It shouldn’t have been such a long stretch; after all, I had just left a job as a writer and editor of a small newspaper. I knew I could write. I knew I had a passion for writing. Why should I have had such limiting beliefs about pursuing a dream?

But, I did and that limiting belief resulted in living the next twenty years with the pulling, nagging, pushing, yelling voice in my head saying, “Damn it! Get on with it!”

I did get on with it and I did write and publish my book. And then another… but what it took for me to get me on the right path was a coaching course that gave me the keys to change the direction of my life. Get this… it wasn’t a course where I received coaching, it was a course where I become a coach. It was in the very act of learning how to coach others that I changed my life!

So many of us are filled with the desire to pursue a path, but we are reluctant. We question our ability. We doubt our desire could ever come to fruition. We fear failure.

That’s why the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) program is so powerful. Not only does it provide you the tools and insight you need to coach others to reach for their goals, it also teaches you how to build a coaching business. Even though I never intended to become I coach, I realized that helping others was deeply inspirational for me. I also learned that when I’m coaching others, I’m reinforcing the important tools and daily habits that helped me accomplish my greatest dream — becoming an author.

What’s your dream? Let QSCA take you there with these five free training videos.

Sheila Callaham is a certified QSCA Success Coach and an affiliate of Christy Whitman International.

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