2015 Calendar and Pen smallI’ve always been a planner, thinking about what’s coming in the next year or five. Here’s the catch-22: I know what I want to achieve; I’m just not sure the best route to get there. That technicality results in my hubby teasing me mercilessly that my strategy consists only of the first step — done. Granted my strategic plan may leave some wanting, but not knowing all the details works for me. In fact, I believe that less strategy inspires creativity and flexibility.

In the corporate world, I observed that months (and in some cases YEARS) could be invested in developing strategy, only to have the strategy change repeatedly during execution to accommodate the unexpected. While I shook my head at the time lost, changing direction mid-course didn’t bother me as much as others.

Apparently not.

Perhaps the best strategic scenario for me is somewhere in the middle. I realize my strategy does need a framework, which I am in the process of developing. On the other hand, I don’t think the time invested will leave me shaking my head. The good news is that if I can get the strategy outlined early, I can spend the rest of 2015 doing what I most enjoy — writing!

In the year to come I’m super excited to bring back Police Chief Carl Johnson, from my first book Truth Runs Deep, to solve another murder. This time the crime scene is the moat at Fort Monroe, Va. I’ll also be writing the next book in my self-empowerment series, The Power of Living Joyfully: How to Beat the Fear of Failure.

Because I love inspiring others, 2015 will allow more time for coaching and teaching. This activity not only serves others, but provides balance in my life by keeping me in the real world. Otherwise, I’d spend every minute inside my head solving murders and kicking fear in the ass. My love for planning the future has given me plenty to look forward to in 2015. Moreover, I’m taking the strategic bull by the horns. While I’ve been telling myself that less strategy inspires my creativity and flexibility, it’s time to experiment with a little more structure.


The best part of having a 2015 strategy in place? Hubby will have one less thing to tease me about!

Sheila Callaham is the author of seven books. Her most recent publication is “The Power of Living Joyfully: Your Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals that Enrich Your Life.” A certified coach and effective facilitator, Sheila loves motivating others to be their best through her writing and coaching practices.

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