HeartHave you ever wondered why we sometimes say we are going to learn something by heart instead of saying we are going to learn it by head? After all, our thought processes do take place in our head!

The answer to the question is because of a mistaken analysis of anatomical functions made by the ancient Greeks. They placed the seat of thought in the heart.

No wonder either, when we think about how our thoughts impact our feelings. When we feel happy, our heart wants to explode with joy. When we feel sad, our heart wants to break with the pain. Thoughts and feelings are intricately connected — which is the primary reason why we should be mindful of what we think.

All of life is an evolution. We are born, we grow as children into adults and, although we have core elements that define who we are — such as family bonds — who we are must change as we experience life. How can it not?

And, while we may embrace love, kindness and forgiveness, the way in which we express those core qualities evolve as we live and learn. For example, when a relationship goes sour, an evolving soul looks at what went wrong and works to ensure it doesn’t happen in subsequent relationships.

Evolution of thought occurs with inquiry. Questioning why, how, when, what if. Evolution of thought occurs with an open mind to the possibilities of what could be. Evolution of thought occurs when we allow ourselves to disbelieve nothing and believe in anything — and then wait for the resonance in the heart. That feeling of knowing that your curiosity, your inquiry, has lead you to a new knowing; a new understanding of what is true for you.

I think the Greeks made an easy mistake in pinpointing the heart as the center of thought. The truth, I think, lies in the heart being the center of resonance with the universe. The heart feels what the universe speaks through vibration. Close to thought — yet different. Thought is proactive. Resonance is reactive. Both are important to our lives and more importantly to our evolution.

What resonates with you?

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