The young leading the… uh-hum, ever-learning Mom!

I was spoiled. Rotten. My son Nate is so technology competent that I’ve relied on him for everything. Creating my websites; formatting my books for both print and e-versions; setting up the Apple TV (repeatedly); and locking my 18-year old twins off the computer when they were acting like butt-heads. This list is just off the top of my head! Imagine my shock, horror and absolute rebellion when my reliable techno guru informed me that my new author site would be my own making.

I screamed, yelled, pouted and felt utterly helpless. Yet, said son did not relent. We argued. Nate remained rational and level headed while I responded with emotion and feelings of overwhelming despair. After all, I have a new book launch in December! I needed a website yesterday! Still, Nate was unrelenting.

Grudgingly, I accepted the challenge. Our agreement was that I would study the tutorials and do what I could. Nate would answer any questions I had along the way. It took me a week to get some basic pages created but I was feeling pleased with myself. Nate was proud of my accomplishments and sat down with me to make some tweaks. I spent another week working on it, asking questions along the way. Finally, after two weeks of limping through the process of web design, Nate stepped in and added the finishing touches.

What can I say? Nate was right! I can make my own website and now that’s it’s done I’m so happy he forced his point. I realize how easy it is to feel technologically overwhelmed, but let’s face it… all one has to do is Google “how to…” and the answers are right there. Often with video demonstrations.

I’ve learned a lot through this exercise, aside from how to set up a website using Pagelines and WordPress. I’ve also learned that when I practice what I preach… face your fears… it works for me just like it works for everyone else.

I also learned that (sshhhhh!) sometimes kids know best.

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