promisesThis morning I read an inspiring article about self-love and keeping promises. Author Patricia Raga-Young powerfully writes, “Self-love is keeping promises to ourselves.” I often write and speak about self-love, but usually in the context of being authentic to oneself. I found the notion of measuring self-love by how well we keep promises to ourselves inspiring and was curious to learn more. To help guide us to success, Patricia offers five steps — one of which is writing down what we promise ourselves.

What kind of promises have I made to myself lately? Here are my top three:

  1. Keep pushing through the fear. This emotion shows up in different ways, including the fear of looking stupid in front of others (when I dance), the fear of being invisible (in crowds), or the fear of being forgotten or rejected by family and friends. Fairly common forms of insecurity — but it’s real for anyone experiencing fear of any kind. What I’ve learned through experience is that when I choose not to run from my fear but to move through it instead, I always feel better on the other side.
  2. Continue evolving. I never want to feel “stuck in a rut,” so I continue being a seeker, a learning, an explorer, an experimenter of life. I want to evolve myself personally and professionally as I express ever-increasing levels of life satisfaction, joy, and achievement.
  3. Get more organized. Having relocated to Texas at the end of May and then traveling for a month before starting a number of home improvement projects, I still don’t feel fully settled into the new home. Whenever I need to find something, it takes me forever. I’m promising to get better organized because I know it will make me feel immensely better! 

One thing I do know about making promises to myself is to be gentle when I don’t quite live up to my intention. In other words, no berating myself for moving two steps forward and one step backward as I pursue my desire. Baby steps all the way to progress.

Self-love includes the practice of flexibility, forgiveness, and grace.

On the flip side, I love having an excuse to celebrate success!

You can read Patricia’s full article here. Enjoy!

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