Social net work_pixabay.jpgFeatured guest post by Chelsey Bentley, founder and chief marketing consultant for Bentley Communications Group.

So you’ve started social media accounts for your business? Welcome to the world of social media management! Social media management is more than making sure you’re posting on your page and gaining followers, it’s about fostering relationships and extending the positive interactions people have with your business into cyberspace. It takes research and understanding of the basic social media etiquette to create a positive experience for your followers. After all, these few hundred (or thousand) followers are your company’s closest friends!

Because you want to get this important aspect of your business right, here are some tips on how to create positive interactions and experiences with your social media audience.

  1. Entertain your audience 80% of the time, and sell to them 20%. If your an author, for example, your end goal may be to sell more books, but the journey takes many winding turns. People tune out pages that are always trying to sell them something. Take the time to get to know your audience first!
  2. The Golden Rule Counts in Cyberspace, too. Don’t post on other Facebook pages telling people to like your page. The same goes for hijacking threads to promote your agenda unless, of course, you want to get blocked for good.
  3. Post valuable statuses, not just things that cross your mind. Ever follow that one person who posts EVERY single aspect of their day or whatever crosses their mind? It can get a little aggravating, and even border on TMI (too much information) status. This is your business page, so you want people to have a positive experience with it. Ask yourself – will my audience find this useful or entertaining? Or is this just another status they will scroll past?
  4. Positivity is Key! Remain positive and upbeat in your posts. It’s your brand, so why aren’t you excited? Negative brands lose followers. Don’t talk negatively your competition, either.
  5. Auto-reply isn’t worth your time. Messages on social media should be personal, not generic. Imagine how you feel receiving “junk mail” – those generic mailers sent to anyone at an address. These mailers often get tossed in the trash. The same goes for “mail” on social networks – make it personal and tailored before your message gets deleted too.
  6. Interact with your followers. Respond to comments, ask questions, answer questions! Be a true friend, and you’ll gain consistent followers.
  7. Sharing is Caring! Along with interacting with your followers, share posts and pages from your followers or similar companies! Sharing your platform often means others will share theirs with you. Remember, you don’t want to sour your audience by focusing only on yourself or your product.
  8. Know your audience. Many marketing consultants conduct research on audience demographics to properly arm their clients with the information needed to successfully reach their target market. Knowing your audience means understanding their age group, interests, educational status and economic class. For example, a company who sells teen clothing and accessories wouldn’t market to 25-year-old guys would they? They would never make a profit. Knowing their audience is either teens or their parents, the company can use certain language to reach them, as well as planning events to come into contact with them.

If you use these tips in your social media strategy, not only will you gain and keep followers, you may end up making some wonderful friends along the way.

Chelsey Bentley is the chief marketing consultant for Bentley Communications Group, a full service agency that caters to each clients’ detailed marketing desires. BCG strives to deliver charming, precise and innovative marketing to “change the conversation” and impact an audience. 

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