TexasIt’s been a month since I relocated from Chapel Hill, NC to Bulverde, TX just north of San Antonio. While I’ve made significant progress settling in, there are still boxes on top of the dining table and in the two-car garage waiting to be unpacked. Apparently the downsizing I attempted while still in North Carolina was too modest for the reality of our new home.

It’s a process, I tell myself to ease the overwhelm that sometimes creeps up on me. All in perfect time.

When I’m not unpacking boxes and deciding if I really need what I’ve found inside, you can bet I’m heading into San Antonio. In fact, I’m in the city so often that hubby has commenced to calling me SAS for San Antonio Sheila.

Staying Active Makes Everything Better


Meet Ruben from Studio One! He’s teaching me Argentine Tango.

For starters, I’m dancing at several studios. International Standard and Latin at one, West Coast Swing at another, and Argentine Tango at a couple of different places. Dancing is a long-time passion of mine, and I’ve found it an excellent way to meet new friends and learn my way around.

Then there’s my friend Elise, an interior designer I met at a furniture consignment store. Elise is the inspiration behind the office re-do for hubby. Not only are we enclosing the space with a pair of beautiful doors, he also gets all new furnishings to bring out the Texan in him. The project is coming along nicely, in spite of a hiccup here and there. I look forward to sharing that “reveal” on my blog in August when everything is just right!


Meet Elise. You’ll be seeing more of her interior design magic in August when I reveal our first collaborative effort.

I meet up with Elise at least once a week, and we drive all over San Antonio looking for one thing or another. It’s been an adventure, to say the least, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s true that I moved here with my heels dug in, but the reality is “so far, so good.” I’m liking what this area has to offer and looking forward to what the future holds.

Just remember that now I go by SAS. That’s all caps, thank you very much.

Sheila Callaham is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and success coach.

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