I’m not the one who usually plans our family vacations, but this year I stepped up to the plate and offered to plan a three-day mystery mini-vacation for the Memorial Day holiday. There’s a reason behind that, of course, and it all has to do with making memories.

My husband, Tom, often regales me with stories of growing up in Berea, Ohio as one of eight children. According to hubby, the Memorial Day weekend was a very special family holiday which marked the end of the school year. Every year, they would pile into the Ford Country Squire station wagon and drive to the Catawba Island Club where they leased a boat slip. From there, they’d load their stuff into the boat and make the forty minute ride over to Middle Bass Island where they vacationed until ready to go back home. Their days would be spent water skiing, sailing, riding minibikes and playing made up games. Their dad, who owned and flew a Cessna, would join them when his schedule allowed. Pretty sweet life, no?

Tom has so many cherished memories of family vacations on Middle Bass Island and every year around Memorial Day he becomes nostalgic as he recounts their family tradition. In his family, no one ever asked, “What shall we do over the long Memorial Day weekend?” They all knew.

We feel that it’s important for us to make family memories. After all, the time is going by so quickly and it’s not going to slow anytime soon. We may not have a Memorial Day family tradition, but we still want to make memories that our kids will remember fondly.

So, in honor of my husband’s Memorial Day memories, I’ve planned a special mystery mini-vacation for Tom and our three youngest sons. The boys have no idea where we’re going or what we’ll be doing. The only hint I gave them was to bring swim trunks and a pair of old tennis shoes.

Come back next week to see our mystery mini-vacation unveiled. Until then, have a wonderful and safe holiday.


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