InnovationI recently came across a speech on Leveraging Diversity of Thought to Create Innovative, Flexible Business Success which I presented to the Triangle Society for Human Resources Management in 2013. As I listened to the 50-minute recording, I was reminded of the passion I had for creating positive organization change. I smiled to myself as I heard my words recount stories and experiences of success, as well as the trials and tribulations of organizational resistance. This speech remains one of my favorites. Why? Because I was pushing the “proverbial envelope of change” to an audience of Human Resource experts. Oh, how I love pushing the envelope of progress. As you can imagine, the topic remains as relevant today as it was when I presented it.

Innovation is a Key Pillar for Business Success

Business success depends on many things, including the ability of its employees to contribute in a meaningful way. While a productive workforce plugs away doing what has been prescribed, the most innovative companies challenge its workforce to deliver even more: innovation through the diversity of thought.

Whether looking for the next best product or the most efficient and effective process for serving a client,  companies that leverage the collective knowledge, skills and experiences of their employee base have the advantage. They know how to engage their biggest asset — their employees — to generate ideas that have the potential to move the company forward.

However, many companies are still asking the question, how does one leverage diversity of thought? After all, it’s not always easy navigating waters churned by differing knowledge, skills, and experiences.

What You Get

In this 50-minutes presentation, I explain:

  • What is diversity of thought?
  • How does it add value add to an organization
  • What are the biggest challenges in leveraging diversity of thought
  • How to frame an organizational culture of trust and calculated risk-taking
  • Practical next steps: a roadmap to success

I also provide key insights of success from 12 years experience as a diversity practitioner in a global business.

Seeking innovation through diversity thought may seem a bit daunting at first; after all, there are so many employees bringing different skill sets and perspectives to the table. And yes, that could get messy. However, many great masterpieces have evolved from a state of perceived disorder.

If your company leadership authentically supports a culture of diversity, and if they actively cultivate and reward innovation through the diversity of thought, you have one of the key pillars of success. If you’re not there yet, this presentation can give you key first steps for getting there.

In this recording, I cite a number of sources, all of which I share here.

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