I first wanted to become a novelist about 20 years ago. I remember the exact moment as if it were yesterday. I also remember the flood of self-doubt that followed my pronouncement. It would be a long time before I finally achieved that aspiration, but I DID accomplish the goal.

What’s happened since I published my first book, Truth Runs Deep, is that people have been coming out of the woodwork to confess that they too have dreamed of writing a book. And, they too are filled with self-doubt.

That’s why I’ve created a powerful FREE teleseminar, Write Your Book to be offered in January. In one 60-minute phone conference, I’ll share the secrets for getting my book written.

Consider this: I was working full time, hubby and I had five sons still at home, I volunteered once a week to a non-profit and had a million things to manage. So, let me just say right now that nobody can tell me they don’t have enough time to write because if anyone was stretched for time, I was. But, I have a little secret about carving time out just for my inspirational moments! And that’s just one of golden nuggets I will share.

Don’t feel like you have enough self-discipline? I can tell you exactly what you need to put in place to give you the accountability you need to get your writing goals accomplished.

Worried that you’re not good enough? Ha! If you feel inspired that’s all you need because the rest is easy. I can tell you how!

So, if you are someone that’s always wanted to write a book or you know someone who fits this description, then this free, hour-long teleseminar is for you!

Don’t keep putting off your life-long dream. Join me in January and learn how to Write Your Book.


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