As a first-time, independent author, it’s important that I make Truth Runs Deep available on as many platforms as possible. Thanks to the professional expertise of Nate, I’ve been able to make Truth Runs Deep available on the Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon’s Kindle and Google Books. Now, we’re so close to finalizing our platform on the iBookstore and Kobo!

Next? Print!

I’ve done incredible amounts of research and read many writer forums and finally concluded that Amazon’s CreateSpace is the best way to self publish in print. That’s my next big project and I hope to have softcover copies available in time for you to take Truth Runs Deep with you on your 4th of July holiday. I promise you an exciting read!

Finally, if you love audio books then you’ll be pleased to know that I plan to release an audio book in the next couple of months. Something for everyone — that’s how I wish to establish and build great relationships with readers.



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