Did someone say, “Dog days of Summer?” Woof!

From the series: Life on Dog Hill

If I haven’t said it enough already, let me say it one more time: fall is my favorite time of year! I love the crisp mornings that give way to warm days and then invite us to bundle up once the sun goes down. I love the smell of bonfires and eating roasted marshmallows. I love watching the leaves change their colors and then slowly drop from the trees. All of this to look forward to during what I refer to as the three marathon months of the year — October, November and December.

I guess I’ve been around the business world too long to think of the three last months in any other way than the final quarter of the year. I can’t help but reflect on the year’s accomplishments and wonder how much more I can pack into the last three months. Did I achieve all that I had planned? If not, why not?

Maybe I’m a bit anal, but at the end of every month I update my 2012 accomplishments. The data compilation includes goals attained as a writer and success coach as well as personal development and training. It includes family goals such as finances, social activities and appointments. Every month has a theme. For example, August: Alabama trip, increase blogging, kids back to school. September: Complete Stories from Spirit, Web redesign, prelaunch mode.

Even though this monthly compilation may seem like overkill, I have a good reason for doing it. Hubby and I wanted to make sure we were doing the really important stuff with our family — making memories. And, we’ve gotten to the point where we can’t remember a doggone thing. This compilation serves as a diary of sorts in addition to allowing us to look back on every month knowing that we did achieve something!

The fourth quarter is also about planning for the year to come and I’m always excited to design a great year. It’s the execution that bogs me down; but isn’t that the way it goes? However, before I allow myself to start contemplating 2013, there are still some big events to manage on Dog Hill as we bring 2012 to an exciting close:

  • The twins will finish the regular soccer season and head to the state finals (hopefully)! You must understand, soccer is a big deal in this family.
  • Alex and Nathaniel submit their college applications to North Carolina State University for early action. Serg won’t submit his until January, 2013 (oops, there I go with future planning).
  • Serg takes the SAT for the first time.
  • I’ll decorate for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and finally for the end of year holidays.
  • All seven kids will be home for a big family celebration (do you have any idea how challenging that is to coordinate?)!


Oh, and let’s not forget the release of my forthcoming book, Stories from Spirit. I’m in the final stages of revamping my author site — yes, this one — and taking beta reader feedback to make some last minute tweaks before turning the book over to my editor. Expected release? Early December!

Yes, there’s still lots of stuff to do in the months to come but I’m not going to stress over it. Instead, I’ll mindfully go through the daily routine with my eyes and heart observing the beauty of nature as she morphs from the dwindling dog days of summer to crisp, cold days of winter.

How can I not find inspiration in that?

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