Have you ever read one of those “miracle” stories where someone with cancer suddenly shows no signs of illness? Have you ever noticed what they had in common? In the cases I’ve read, they all “willed” themselves back to health.

How is that possible? It’s possible because the mind is a powerful tool that has the potential to consciously create health and happiness.

I explore this topic further in my recent podcast with life coach and retired nurse Colleen Humphries, How your mind, body, and spirit connection can insure health and happiness.

After spending thirty years in nursing and exploring a laundry list of holistic therapies, Colleen has now dedicated her life to teaching others how to maintain health and happiness by building self-awareness and management of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Don’t consider yourself the spiritual type? Not worries, we included a section just for you!

To hear Colleen explain the mind, body, spirit connection, go to my Members Only tab and click on the link provided.

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