Who is out of place here?

From the series: Life on Dog Hill

My twins are high school seniors on the varsity soccer team. As always, I take my role as sideline cheerleader very seriously. Even more seriously than ever before. In fact, I may have become the woman I ridiculed in last year’s post. Or worse — I think I upped it a notch since I’m officially guilty of offending the adult supporters of another team. *Shrugs* But they deserved it. Really they did! They offended me first!

Here’s the deal. These three folks you see in the photo are with the opposing team. But they refused to walk to the other side of the field to sit on their bleachers. You know, the short ones. Noooooooo. They had to sit on the home side, on the nice, tall bleachers and then talk about our players. Out loud so we could hear them. In fact, they sat behind me so I heard everything they said.

How could they? Are they crazy?! What moron person in their right mind would sit on the opposing side and make snide remarks?

As hard as I tried to ignore what they were saying, I just couldn’t. I kept waiting for them to say something about one of my boys so I could lynch suggest nicely that they sit with their own team. *Breathes deeply* (the gathering gloom, watch lights fade from every room…) Oops, got distracted.

So, when the referee made an excellent call because a member of their team had been fouling all night and was finally given the call he deserved, they boasted the ref’s ignorance. Suggested he was biased toward our team. You know, home team advantage. That was the last straw. I’d had all I could take.

I turned slowly and glared at them before yelling, “What?! Are you blind? That was clearly a foul! That guy has been fouling all night. He deserved that call a long time ago!”

From my other side came a chorus of laughter. Apparently, other folks were tired of them too. I secretly hoped they would quietly get up and move. I waited patiently during a brief moment of fan silence for any sign of their departure.

Then it happened, they started….whispering. Whispering, I tell you!

And they continued whispering all night long, even after we beat them 2 – 1 in penalty shots. Only then did they ease on down from the high side of the bleachers and head out to the parking lot.

Here’s the real kicker. That team that these supporters belong to is none other than the team we are playing again tonight — for the Eastern Championship! Whoever emerges victor from tonight’s game goes to the State finals!

Guess where we’re playing? On their field!

Guess where I’m sitting? With my own team, for crying out loud! And, I’m bringing my bullhorn, so there will be no mistake what I’m saying from my side of the field.

Anyone know of a support group for moms like me? I might need one. Soon.

Go CHS Jaguars!

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