From the series, Life on Dog Hill

Grandpa’s name came up several times during a recent visit to our family dentist. I had scheduled three of my sons on the same day and time. It was rather humorous since I spent the better part of that hour running back and forth between three dental hygenist’s offices, answering questions and looking over a variety of x-rays.


Without going into the gory details, let me jump to the chase. I must have mentioned Grandpa’s name several times as a good example of why it’s important to take care of your teeth. In fact, I think I said it three different times in three different offices!

Yes, you’ve guessed it. Grandpa wears dentures.

Whenever I think of Grandpa’s dentures, I’m reminded of a funny incident that happened several years ago. It was late April, and I had decided it was time to put away the outside lighted Christmas present that was still positioned under the spruce tree in the front yard.

On my way back to the garden shed, Christmas package in tow, I passed Ryan riding his bicycle in endless circles as Grandpa stood watching. Ryan was only five or six at the time and couldn’t bear the thought of riding his bike without Grandpa’s audience.

Grandpa leaned against the fence, smoking his pipe and looking sleepy.

Just before I got to the garden gate, I heard Ryan ask, “Hey, Grandpa! Do your teeth go in and out?”

I didn’t want to laugh, so I bit my lip and continued walking.

“Yeah. Don’t yours?” Grandpa answered, not skipping a beat.

That response almost knocked Ryan off of his bike as he laughed hysterically.

“No, I’m just a kid!” he replied, after catching his breath.

Moral of the story: While it might be okay for Grandpa to have teeth that go in and out, it is NOT an acceptable alternative to brushing and flossing!

Boys, are you listening?

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