Sheila Callaham quoteWhen you allow yourself to dream about what truly inspires and motivates you, that’s where you discover dreams you never realized you had. That’s also where you find the goals that will be most attainable to you. When you turn inward to reflect on your goals, you connect to your intuition — your inner wisdom.

Some people believe that true happiness, like goals, lies outside of them, just beyond their reach. The truth is that true happiness and the goals that help you attain it lie within. When you ignore the calling toward this truth, this dream, what you may experience is an incessant whispering in the back of your mind. Or it may feel like a push forward coming from your gut. Either way, what you may experience is an inner feeling that invites you, urges you, to gather your courage and take the first step.

That’s why it’s so important to give yourself time to reflect and connect with that inner guidance advocating on behalf your deeper wisdom. What you often discover is that your intuition was pushing you in the right direction all along. Your inner wisdom was making itself known through its relentless urging.

Here’s the deal—this intuitive urge won’t go away no matter how long you ignore it. The incessant whispering will not quiet itself until you’ve gathered your courage to acknowledge it and follow it where it leads you. If you continue to ignore its gentle presence, it will find other ways to get your attention—perhaps through a personal loss or illness.

This intuitive urge represents a deeply rooted need that, when you finally recognize it and begin to respond, will lead you toward becoming who you were always meant to be. Following the urge can take you to a place where your inner wisdom begins working hand-in-hand with your consciousness, leading you directly toward the path of a more joyful life.

That’s a powerful feeling.

Here’s a beautiful thing about turning your attention to your inner wisdom, you learn so much about yourself. 

Don’t hold back on your dreams. If you are holding back, you are not dreaming big enough. One way to know if you are holding back is to ask yourself this question:

If nothing or no one stood in your way, and you were guaranteed to get what you desired, what would you wish for?

Whatever your answer is to that question, that’s where you direct your attention. Allow yourself to dream big. Believe that whatever you want to achieve is possible!

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