What do you desire?

One of the toughest things that humans struggle with is overcoming the fear of failure. No big news there, huh? But one of the best ways to get past the ole bugger is to decide what you really want and just put yourself out there.

You see, a lot of fear stems from your ego working hard to keep you in a safe place. The ego is so worried about failure that it won’t ever encourage you to step out unless it is certain of success. But sometimes, you need to step out to learn what you’re really capable of accomplishing.

For me, that meant telling people that I was going to write and publish a book. Instead of harboring this secret desire all to myself, I began to tell everyone. By putting myself out there, I was confirming to myself that I really WAS going to write a book. Additionally, I was creating a sense of accountability by telling other people who then had an expectation.

I talk about this in my free Write Your Book! seminar and listeners are getting it! They accept that when their spirit guides them to move in new directions that their ego is going to jump in and start asking limiting questions such as, “What are you thinking?” “You’re crazy if you think you can do that!” “What makes you think you could ever…. (fill in the blank)!”

Those doubts, the naysaying and the self-destructive talk is just your mind telling you to play it safe! Yet, when you connect with the TRUTH in your heart, and you recognize that nothing is going to hold you back from becoming that which you were meant to be, then you’re in a great place to create success.

So next time you hear your ego doubting your next step and creating fear of failure, just remember to focus on your ultimate goal, take a deep breath and just put yourself out there! Your ego will thank you later!

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