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From the Series: Life on Dog Hill

In a process I’ve termed “musical bedrooms” I’m cleaning out my home office and relocating it to another area of the house. This is to accommodate our four sons — three of whom are in college and all of whom have decided they are bored with the bedrooms they have occupied for the last ten years. The biggest challenge to musical bedrooms: books! And lots of them.

With every book I pull from the shelf, I have an overwhelming desire to read it — even if I’ve already done so. Oh, and the books stacked in piles around the office? Yes, I want to read those too. Add to that the book trading going on between my sons. Now I’ve got enough books to read for the next several months. The youngest says I really need to read Boot Camp by Todd Strasser. Another son says I need to read The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman. For my nineteen-year-old twins, I’m recommending Thomas Stanley’s The Millionaire Mind hoping they better understand money management. Between the five of us, books are strewn everywhere.

When Downsizing Backfires

A couple of years ago I had a brilliant idea for downsizing my library. I decided to give away five of my favorite spiritual books as part of the prelaunch promotion for Stories from Spirit. These were all books that I truly loved and had read repeatedly. It seemed perfectly reasonable that I could let them go to give myself just a wee bit more space. However, when the day came to mail them to the lucky winner, I realized I couldn’t live without them. Two days later, Amazon delivered new copies to my doorstep. I tore open the package, gently opening each book to scan the familiar pages. Oh, what joy!

I’ve banned myself from buying new physical books because, obviously, we are bursting at the seams. The downstairs library is full. Every bookcase in every room is full. Stacks of books here and there patiently wait to be read and shelved.

That said, my Kindle is in business! Recommendations, anyone?

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