Variant spelling of the town: Wolfborough

Wolfeboro, NH. August must be the best month for gardens in the New England states judging from what I see in Wolfeboro. This quaint town, nestled on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, is at its height of garden delight. Everywhere you look, spider plants are spreading their wispy pink blooms between black-eyed susans, echinacea, salvia and achillea. The public gardens are a peaceful delight with beds of petunias and daylilies bordered by white blooming hydrangea or purple spirea.

This is my first time visiting the area so I’m studying up on the town. Here are a few share-worthy facts I gleaned from the Wolfeboro website:

* Small town feel with a population of only 6,269.
* Seventh highest per capita income and the lowest crime rate in the US.
* SAT scores are the highest in the country.
* Lake Winnipesaukee has more than 200 islands within its nearly 70 mile area with vacation homes to many celebrities and politicians.
*  Residents are the most courteous drivers with whom I’ve ever shared the road (Okay, that’s my two cents worth).
* If the big lake is too much for you there are two smaller lakes (Wentworth and Crescent) for undisturbed kayaking, swimming, and fishing.

Not a bad place to hang out for a few days… nice folk, lots of places to drink coffee and blog. Most importantly, a great view no matter which way you look!

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