Neutron Star

When I find myself not wanting to write, I do the one thing that stimulates my creativity: research. It’s not that I have writer’s block; it’s more about being near the end of a great story and not wanting to say goodbye. After all, I’ve spent every day with these characters for the last eighteen months and… well, I think I love them.

If that’s not enough to slow my progress, consider what an author must do when she finishes writing a book. She has to start all over! The only thing harder than ending a book is starting a new one.

You see my dilemma.

Needless to say, I dragging my feet. I’m dawdling. I’m making one excuse after the other.

  • I need to clean the chicken coop.
  • The socks need to be paired. 
  • I should rake the leaves.
  • My typing fingers hurt.
  • The kitchen drawers need organizing.

While all of the above is true, those activities are hardly inspiring. So instead of checking off my excuse to-do list, I find myself scouring the web for interesting distractions.

For example:

Learning what a teaspoonful of neutron star would do to you. Note: Do not try this at home. Neutron stars made me wonder about gamma rays, so I had to look that up too. What can I say, I’m a closet science geek and I love this stuff.

Since I ended up on YouTube, I scooted around and found a rather dated, but still very interesting, National Geographic Society special on Mysteries Underground highlighting the massive cave systems in the United States. Did you know there are 340 miles of subterranean passageways connecting Mammoth Cave with Flint Ridge in west-central Kentucky? Just listening to the opening music took me back to my childhood days, sitting on the floor in front of the television set (complete with rabbit ears) watching National Geographic.

Don’t ask me how, but thinking about caves got me onto Andrew Collins’ webpage and reading about his book the Cygnus Mystery. Of course, that made me jump back over to YouTube to watch his special documentary The Cygnus Mystery — A Cosmic Journey. I confess, I hid under the covers last night to watch this stuff so my husband wouldn’t worry (more) about me.

Earlier this week I needed to know just how loud the Bell-Boing V-22 Osprey was. I mean, doesn’t everyone need to know if this joint military tilt-rotor aircraft that operates both like a helicopter and an airplane is louder than, say, a normal military aircraft? I mean, really! Answering this question got me into some interesting threads between military pilots. They were not very nice to each other.

Finally, did you know there is an island in Greece that prohibits women? WTH, seriously? Another stupid notion conceived by men on the grounds of religion. Oh, who cares… if you’ve seen one Greek island, you’ve seen them all.

While research may be a distraction for me it also stimulates my creativity. In fact, everything I mentioned was an important consideration as I bring my book to a climactic end. Am I using all of the above? Heck, no. The Osprey stays but everything else turned out to be, well, a wonderful distraction! Except for that stupid island in Greece and that was just annoying.

After spending the last couple of days playing the Google field, I should be able to settle down and bring this story to an end. Sniffle, sniffle… On the other hand, did I mention that I grew crystals as an experiment in Ms. Sue Hollis’ fifth grade science class? Oh! Oh! And did you know that scientists are now growing crystals to manipulate light? How cool is that?!

About my forthcoming trilogy:

Wells Welling is a quiet 16 year old and the only child of Bill and Megan Welling, diplomats assigned to the American Embassy in Cairo. When Wells and his best friends, twins Victor and Mark Conn, visit a dusty antique shop off the beaten path of the ancient Egyptian city, Well’s curiosity over a brass tube prompts him to purchase it. What the boys never fathomed is that the tube contained an ancient treasure map with a deadly history. Only Wells’ grandfather, Walter Kinza, knows the extent of the map’s fatal impact and the danger it represents for their family. Suddenly, Wells finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime when he and his grandfather set off to find the treasure. Their journey takes them deep below the sands of Egypt to a hidden world where the greatest asset is intellect. This is the world where Eshe lives, the young woman who has stolen Wells’ heart. When Wells and his grandfather learn they must relinquish their adventurous memories in order to protect the secret subterranean world, finding the treasure seems impossible. Only Eshe can help Wells conclude his journey and find his way back to the world deep below the sand.

Want to receive a free, early release ebook? Publication is planned for February 2014 but you can be the first to read this young adult adventure by joining my mailing list or liking my Facebook author page. The week before the official launch, I’ll notify you of the free download. Don’t miss it!

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